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rMBP Coffee Spill

WindburnWindburn Registered User regular
Long story short, I spilled coffee on my mid-2012 15" retina MacBook Pro.

I took it to the Genius Bar to see how much the repair would cost. I was quoted a flat rate of ~$1300 to replace all the internal components. They will make no effort to diagnose and repair only what is damaged. It's "not what we do."

Since this price and policy is outrageous and my warranty is now void anyway, I decided to attempt to fix it myself.

I have disassembled the computer using the ifixit guide and all parts have been cleaned with DI water and isopropyl alcohol (as a drying agent). They are now drying next to a dehumidifier.

How long should I let the open chassis and disassembled components dry before attempting to reassemble?


  • Greggy88Greggy88 Registered User regular
    I would think about five months ought to do it.

  • EmbraceThePingEmbraceThePing ひきこもり Where the Crabbits and the Iz roam and the Jungle Queen rules the plainsRegistered User regular
    Ambient temp and humidity aside, give it a day or two, Windy. You should be OK.

  • WindburnWindburn Registered User regular
    Lol, I guess an update is in order. I reassembled it after about a week later without success. I salvaged the SSD and transferred it to a loaner 13" rMBP, which is what I am currently using. I then traded the guts with some dude in the Czech Republic for a retina interface board to try and convert the screen to a second desktop monitor.

  • Greggy88Greggy88 Registered User regular
    I presume you had no luck using the screen as a desktop monitor?

  • WindburnWindburn Registered User regular
    Not on first pass. I am in the middle of a move, so everything had to be packed up.

  • Greggy88Greggy88 Registered User regular
    I would be astonished if you manage it - pro-tip of the day is don't waste your time on this one. ;)

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