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And lo, out of Ragnarok emerged the [MUSIC] thread (NSF56K)

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So... Music! It's awesome, except when it's not. And it's generally not awesome in different ways for different people with different tastes! Basically, songs are cool. Post what you like. Don't post what you don't like. Don't be a dick (unless you're @SCREECH OF THE FARG; then, be the least dickish you can)*. Post that foreign symphonic metal!


Post that modern classical ensemble piece!

Yeah! Yeah!

Post that classical sonata!


Post that cutting-edge retro hip-hop electronica beat!

Wait... Is that? No... Yes? Okay, it's alright.

Anyway, share your music with the thread! Discuss music news! Don't whine about Artist X! This is not a place to show off how hardcore you are, although you can brag about that cool concert you saw last week! Just, don't be a dick, okay?

Okay, thank you.

Ilu, farg <3

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