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[chat]shionaaabluh-ly late

TehSlothTehSloth Hit Or MissI Guess They Never Miss, HuhRegistered User regular
Scrubs take too long to make threads so now we're going to talk about Bravely Default.


It's a vidja game for the Nintendo 3ds

It's from Squeenix, and is soooooo very Squeenix-tastic.

much kawaii

very fashionaaabluh

It's basically your bag standard FF-like menu driven game play with a job class system like FFT. They threw in some funky mechanics to allow you to bank or even take an advance on turns to keep things fresh, but it's all pretty straight-forward.

You play a rag-tag group of adventurers out to save the world and restore these giant magic crystals that keep the world functioning. Along for the ride are

Tiz: A dude who's village got sucked into a giant chasm that appeared out of nowhere

Agnes: No, not Agnes like a normal person would pronounce it, it's like On-Yes. She's basically a priestess of the wind crystal, and ran into Tiz while going to see WTF was up with the village getting sucked into a chasm and find out if it's related to the wind crystal suddenly going dark.

Edea: A former Eternian Sky Knight, she basically had a realization not unlike David Mitchell in a famous Mitchell & Webb Look skit that she was fighting for the bad guys and joined Agnes and Tiz.

Ringabel: A swag master who suffers from amnesia -- knows nothing about his past but has a mysterious journal that has information from the future -- he doesn't know why but he knows for some reason he's supposed to help Edea.

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    smells like animu to me

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