Problem with Panasonic Blu-ray player and network media drive

I've got a Twonky network drive at home that I can access from my various computers, PS3, iPad - and, until yesterday, my Panasonic DMP-BBT01‏ Blu-ray drive. Yesterday evening, however, the Panasonic has started acting up. It connects to the network and shows the Twonky, but when I select it the Blu-ray player says that it cannot connect to the server.

I haven't made any manual changes to the setup on either device. All the other devices still connect just fine to the Twonky and play the media files on it as before. It's only the Panasonic drive that's doing this, which makes it my prime suspect. I've sent a message to Panasonic support, but I was wondering whether anyone here had any ideas what the problem might be.

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