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No one in town is trained to use The Giant Bomb Thread



  • AshcroftAshcroft LOL The PayloadRegistered User regular
    I wish Scoops had decided to stream it.

  • InquisitorInquisitor Registered User regular
    Veldrin wrote: »
    The Akomish tribe in Second Son is fictional, right? Were they meant to be based off the Skokomish tribe?

    They are an amalgamation of a few different tribes, to my knowledge.

  • Bluedude152Bluedude152 Registered User regular
    Ashcroft wrote: »
    I wish Scoops had decided to stream it.

  • Mr. GMr. G Registered User regular
    They are talking about the announcement of Prey 2 on this Bombcast I'm listening to

    from March 2008

    Vinny and Brad don't work for Giant Bomb yet

    but there are people working on Prey 2

  • EddyEddy Gengar the Bittersweet Registered User regular
    I thought Part 5 was hilarious. I love Dave Lang.

    It was weird reading comments on the video that were like "I get uncomfortable when people are drunk" or whatever. NEEEERRRDDDS

    "and the morning stars I have seen
    and the gengars who are guiding me" -- W.S. Merwin
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