Chester United - [PC, Mac, Linux, Console information coming soon]

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_Chester United (PC, Mac, Linux, Console information coming soon)

_Current Demo (Downloadable + WebPlayer)

_Everyone loves screenshots

_What is Chester United?
Chester United is a platformer with multiple playabale characters and styles that can be changed on the fly.
These styles change the look of the entire world around Chester and grant unique gameplay bonuses such as weaker enemies, slower platforms, faster attacks, and much more.
The final game will feature around 15 characters, 10 styles, 8 worlds, and 50 levels.
Chester United is a sequel to the original Chester.

_The story of Chester United
Chester’s old friend The Bad Guy has gone off the deep end for reasons unknown.* Destroying worlds, tearing apart the fabric of the universe(s) and stealing your cupcakes.
It’s up to Chester to build a team of his strongest other-universe-selves, traverse foreign worlds, lay the smackdown on some undeserving nature, and reclaim his cupcakes.
The rest of that stuff can deal with itself.

Styles are one of the main gameplay mechanics of Chester. They allow you to change the entire look of the game and each grant unique bonuses.
Think of them as equipment for the world.

Styles will include the Chesterverse, Bit, Sketch, LCD, Blueprint, BLOCK, Dr. (Don’t) Sue Us, Tattoo, and more!
Many of these are still a work in progress so they aren’t quite represented in the current screenshots. For shame.

Each of the many unlockable characters is actually a Chester from a different universe.
They can range from sketched versions, to classy gentlemen, to tanks and spaceships.
Each character has their own unique attacks that level up and become more powerful the more you use them.

_The worlds of Chester
A few of these in these worlds as they appear in their normal style

That mashing together of universes by The Bad Guy really mixed things up.
On his quest for frosted salvation, Chester will venture to a wide variety of worlds including forests, deserts, candytopias, space, underwater labrynths, cities, and more!

_Other things do do
There are many other things to do in the world of Chester United as well.
Find out more about the world by unlocking Bestiary entries, collect stamps to unlock new Chesters and other content, hunt down rare hidden items, and more.

Steam Greenlight
Developer Blog

*You were kind of a jerk


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    BennFriedBennFried Registered User regular
    Thanks for posting this!

    Developer here, if you have any comments/feedback/bugs to report let me know! I'll be trying to post pretty frequent updates here as well.
    I'll also be at PAX Dev and Prime this year if anyone wants to try out the game in person down the line.

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    BennFriedBennFried Registered User regular
    Playing around with the LCD style a bit today, decide to probably break LCD up into two unique Styles: 80s and 90s.
    Haven't gotten to 90s yet, but here is a tiny preview of 80s.

    Nothing too spectacular yet, trying to get that G&W feel down a little bit more. (Also the rocks in this are terrible and need to go.)

    Then finally playing around with lights a little bit, which is something I've wanted to do but had been putting off for ages.

    Should make things feel a bit more alive.

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    BennFriedBennFried Registered User regular
    After some time getting settled back in the US I'm finally back to work full time on Chester_United.
    Probably going to try to post a large update about once a week or so, so get excited. Or don't. Your choice.

    Here is a quick image dump of the work done over the past few weeks.

    Adding in some small wildlife to make things feel more alive. (Gfycat)

    Also made the start menu a little bit less boring. (Gfycat)

    Was a little bored and needed a quick break from art, so I stole the fun pause-thumbstick thing from Smash Bros.

    Added in some foreground and background layers to make the levels feels less like they're floating in space.

    (The organization gets a bit ugly)

    Got palette swaps in. A bit boring right now, but for style like Sketch it will switch it from looking like pencil to chalk or pen. So not COMPLETELY boring.

    And a bunch of reanimated enemies!

    That's about it for now, hoping to have a new demo out over the next week or two. Also posting pretty much daily to the DevBlog (Tumlbr) if you want some more frequent updates.

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    BennFriedBennFried Registered User regular
    New Demo is finally ready for PC, Mac, and Linux.

    Also a tiny trailer for the demo, because I hate editing videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmQT_RE_bTE

    Also a few images of a new Style that is in the demo, Crystal.

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    BennFriedBennFried Registered User regular
    First boss is functional. Incredibly ugly right now, but functional.

    And every platformer needs an evil recreation of the main character to fight just before the real final boss.

    A little press coverage this past week.

    Redesigned website! brilliantblueg.com

    And had an interview with the good guys over at IndieGameRiot, should be up early next week.

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    BennFriedBennFried Registered User regular
    I think I may be the only one in this thread ever, but gonna try to keep to daily updates for a while (he said to only himself.)

    A few sketches for some enemies.
    A simple bat for the fortress levels.

    And a lightbulb-spider.
    Probably going to throw him in the Factory levels and have him actually light up the level. So you can deal with vision+dodging enemies or kill them and play through with limited visibility.

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    BennFriedBennFried Registered User regular
    Quick animation for the Bat enemy. Still need to touch it up+add more squish+some inbetweens.

    Also switching the UI to hiding when you don't need it, makes everything look much cleaner.

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    BennFriedBennFried Registered User regular
    Doing a kind of "soft opening" for PC/Mac/Linux/Steam preorders with the Humble Widget. I'll probably make a bigger push for preorders with the next demo release.

    And a first look at anything from the Fortress areas. These heart containers will need to be destroyed to make large enemies more vulnerable to your Chesterly wiles.

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    BennFriedBennFried Registered User regular
    I've recovered from my Sunday heartbreak (I don't think I'll ever truly recover from that Packers loss) and I'm back to work!

    Early video of the first boss
    Still needs all of his audio and a little bit ore tweaking, but he's getting close to done. That's also the first look at the Factory setting as well.
    Factory levels are going to be very spike-heavy levels that are split up in many different rooms.

    Here's some random Factory sketches to get an idea of what else you might encounter there:

    And a few more rough Fortress ideas.
    Also that little diamond enemy in the middle is definitely getting into the game.
    He is going to sneeze his shards at you. That sounded dirty but it’s going to be totally adorable.

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    BennFriedBennFried Registered User regular
    Adding in some weather to give levels some more variety.

    I feel like the standard enemies in the game right now are pretty lacking, so going to be focusing on enemy design for the next few days. Going to try to have 3-5 unique enemy types per setting and probably 1 unique enemy per level to keep the game feeling fresh.

    So 7 settings give me around 21-35 enemies from that and another ~30 or so for unique-per level. (Ok, may need to cut this number down a little bit.)

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    BennFriedBennFried Registered User regular
    Finally getting around to doing some small developer-play videos.

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    grenadetreegrenadetree Registered User new member
    Wow those gifs are tripy. Kinda looks like a diorama.

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    BennFriedBennFried Registered User regular
    Yeah, those are always my favorite to make.

    Semester finally coming to an end, hoping to get back into the habit of sharing updates here.

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