New computer = Problems.

QuasiiQuasii Registered User new member
I just bought a new computer and I put it all together and nothing in the back is working. I plug stuff into the usb and a light that usually comes on on it dosn't. My monitor is getting no display. but all my fans start up and everything. I was wondering if you guys could help me trouble shoot. I have reseated the ram and the cpu like 4 times and unplugged everything and plugged it back in and I have tried turning it off and back on and nothing seems to work. I spent almost a thousand on this build and I'd really hate to have to buy new parts for it already. picture above(I just got my sound card and havent put it in yet. and I took my graphics card out to see if that was the issue)


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    BigityBigity Lubbock, TXRegistered User regular
    What did you change before it stopped working? Has it ever worked? I'm not sure where USB ports fall in the boot sequence.

    I would take everything out and just have mobo, CPU, one stick of RAM and video card and see if it boots. Then add one at a time from there.

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    QuasiiQuasii Registered User new member
    All the parts are band new. I just put everything together and no display.

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    jaziekjaziek Bad at everything And mad about it.Registered User regular
    Did your motherboard come with a speaker, and do you have the manual to identify beep codes?

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    urahonkyurahonky Resident FF7R hater Registered User regular
    Does it beep or anything when you turn it on or do the fans just go?

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    tsmvengytsmvengy Registered User regular
    You can't see anything in the picture you posted (too tiny) so here's my list:

    1. What parts do you have - list them, models and everything.
    2. Cables you need to have plugged in: CPU Fan, ATX (24-pin big one), CPU power (could be 4 or 8 pins)
    3. Parts you need set - CPU+heatsink, one stick of RAM (nothing else!)
    4. Nothing extra USB or any of that plugged into the motherboard - just a keyboard and mouse.

    Try starting it with your stick of RAM in each slot. Try it with the other stick in each slot. Try it without RAM. See if you get any beeps from your motherboard.

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    Descendant XDescendant X Skyrim is my god now. Outpost 31Registered User regular
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    One other overlooked issue might be the mounting pegs beneath the motherboard. Make sure they're all in the right place and you don't have one touching the back of the board where there isn't a screw hole.

    Take it from one who knows.

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    bowenbowen How you doin'? Registered User regular
    I had a case which didn't even come with standoffs and that was interesting because it would only short sometimes.

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    lowlylowlycooklowlylowlycook Registered User regular
    It's also possible that the PSU is bad but will still supply power to the fans.

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