Nursing room?

InfraredSnowmanInfraredSnowman Registered User new member
Was wondering if anyone has any experience looking for a room at the BCEC for new mothers to express breast milk. My girlfriend and I will be attending and she needs somewhere private to go. Thanks


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    imnotalawyerimnotalawyer Registered User regular
    Probably best handled by an email to pax_questions@paxsite.com unless another forum-goer has direct experience with this.

    Good luck!

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    shepdshepd Registered User regular
    This came up in the questions thread. There isn't one at this time as there hasn't been much (any?) demand previously. I would make sure to email as mentioned above to ensure PAX knows there is demand for this so they can better prepare for next year. With the way PAX is (crowded and bustling), I think expecting mothers to nurse in public is just a bad idea and it would certainly not be a bad idea to have such an area.

    There are quiet places you can get to, though. I would suggest checking out the top floor.

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    teriwynteriwyn Frederick, MDRegistered User regular
    edited April 2014
    I don't have direct experience, however the question was asked in the big FAQ thread a while back:

    (direct link to the relevant comment)

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