PAX East Lacking!!!

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Did anyone feel PAX East seemed to be lacking in quality compared to previous year's with also a increase in price to attend. Let us also not forget the lack of awesome free swag. It just seem's PE is a former shell of it's self getting way too big too fast and losing sight and focus. In all honesty if it were not for the off site parties and get together's PAX kinda sucked I know other's may not feel the same way as me. Just walking the expo floor nothing seemed worth while or did anything to attract my attention compared to previous year's.


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    As you can see by the Jail bars I had a few comments last night similar to this. The swag was there but it was protected better because of the EBay crowd. I knew driving up it was not going to be my favorite PAX because everyone is MOBA happy, and I just can't get into them. PAX had lots of diamonds in the rough in the Indie Booths, but the big companies just had very little to offer. I saw Turbine Infinite Crisis and a few others, but Wolfenstein was not worth a 2 hour line to me. Heard NVidia was good if you were interested in the SHIELD, but I am not, so I did not see. Oh well, maybe once the MOBA craze has past and the EBay crowd gets discouraged PAX will be better next year. I went home a day early, there was nothing worth the Extra Night's Hotel Bill and other extra expenses.

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    CatalepticalCataleptical New JerseyRegistered User regular
    I would love to get into this, as I certainly have comments, but I fear this thread will get closed. Maybe we should start a PAX East Postmortem thread to bring up both the good and bad in a healthy discussion? A Pros/Cons thread? For instance, I found this weekend to be a bit boring, and even left early for the first time in three years, but I did try some great games and talked with some wonderful people.

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