Thumbs up for webcomics.

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Who likes webcomics?


Teodore does.


Gabe does.

The blastwave does.

Batman you're not a webcomic you -


Well, close enough I guess.

Brolo on


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    I'm just going to quote the OP I was writing since you beat me to the punch.
    Hey, so this is the webcomic thread.

    Let's lay down the rules in the OP for once.

    I don't have the fancy images, but between the discussion in the last thread and Rank's post from the last time we nearly got the thread taken away, here's the basics:
    1. Post comics and discuss them amicably.
    2. Link back to the site, either in-line or below the comic.
    3. Comics with NSFW content in their archives should still be linked, but that they contain NSFW content should be mentioned.
    4. Pages that are currently NSFW should not be inlined in the thread or censored so that they can be inlined.

    I think that's that?

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    I like this one.

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