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rap game

SwillSwill Registered User regular
A brief hiatus to sip on jack
but now ultimate swilla is back
time away from social entropy
a vacay to beat up on that pussy

going on a booze cruise
rocking sperry's boat shoes
oh shabbat shalom
imma make your pussy my home

i'm on this tip where i'm dressing real WASP-y
i readily admit i'm real fuckin thirsty
even sad boys need a sad girl or two
fuck em and cuddle when we through

it's the friday before easter
stick in the tip just to tease her
cooler full of ocean spray
don't forget the AK

I light minoras
you nerds wear fedoras
I rock j crew everything
gold band wedding ring

larry david flip flops
drunk on peach schnapps
if i was a Friend i'd be Ross
we were on a break
so i got it on the side
like a Boss

bitch i'm not a brony
fuck joseph kony
imma eat your ass
ladies love me cause i look like ira glass

i value consent
hunnies pay our rent
sippin drinks till we're bent
and every time is spent

when we broke we drinking old german
rough foreplay till they ladies squirmin
and now heres dj dr god with the sermon

thou shall not use my name is curse
thou shall only spit dope verses

champagne, make it rain
pourin money down the drain
no i'm not a role model
i'm poppin pill bottles
snorting all the oxy
criminal by proxy


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