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Is my toilet supposed to double as a fountain?!? [plumbing]

Sharp10rSharp10r Registered User regular
This purple part (google tells me it's the top of the ballcock?!?) is shooting water straight up when I flush. This is causing some to leak out of the top of the tank. So...what now? Is this a simple fix? Are these things "tweakable" or just "go replace it" type parts?


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    ThundyrkatzThundyrkatz Registered User regular
    edited April 2014
    I had a similar problem to this in an old apartment i had. i put a plastic ziplock bag over it so that the water would at least drip back into the bowl rather then down the outside. Short term fix. Then i think i ended up tightening that screw on the top? it was a while ago.... Only marginally helpful advice.

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    see317see317 Registered User regular
    It's pretty easy to replace the whole fill valve assembly (probably the second easiest plumbing project in the average house, right behind swapping showerheads). Should only cost 15-30 bucks for the full repair/replacement kit at a hardware store. The instructions are pretty straightforward, but pretty much boil down to "Turn off the water, drain the tank, dry the tank, take the old bits out, put the new bits in the same place, then tighten the new bits in place".

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    tuxkamentuxkamen really took this picture. Registered User regular
    Yeah, this is typically very easy to fix (the hardest part is often just getting to the tank, if it's under a cabinet or shelf) and your home improvement shop of choice sells these as kits. As see317 said, that's the fill valve assembly. If you're lucky, you won't have to touch the other valve except perhaps to swap out a new flapper (which you'd likely do if it was degraded, or leaking).

    One thing you might want to do on top of that, if your toilet doesn't already have one, is to buy a steel braided supply line and replace the connection from the wall to the new fill assembly.

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