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Guitar Hero II controller Problem...

lionheartcklionheartck Registered User
edited April 2007 in Help / Advice Forum
So, I was trying to be all 'DIY', and I took my GHII controller apart to paint it. Once disassembled, the whammy-bar controller immediately come un-soldered, and the spring piece fell out. I think I got the soldering done, but spring positioning is like an ancient chinese puzzle to me. Can someone please pop the cover off their x-plorer for the 360 and take some pictures for me of the whammy assembly?

There has been talk of GHII 360 controller's whammy-bar breaking. I'm pretty sure the shotty solder job on the whammy bar could be the culprit. I put almost no pressure on it, and it just snapped free. (Although I realize their intent was not for me to take it apart.

I cannot currently whammy, and the sucks a moderate amount of fun out of the game. Please Help.

TL;DR- Please pop the cover off your x-plorer guitar and take some pictures of the whammy-bar underneath.

EDIT: I figured it out...

If the shiny flat back of the reastat (Whammy controller) is facing you, and the 3 posts are face up, this is your color order.

Brown Red Orange

(Already posted once in G & T, probably should have posted here first.)

lionheartck on
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