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Camp Weedonwantcha by Katie Rice — Inauguration Day

DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
edited May 2014 in Camp Weedonwantcha

imageCamp Weedonwantcha by Katie Rice — Inauguration Day


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  • JermsJerms Registered User regular
    Uh oh. She poked the fate bear... with a rifle.

  • bucketydanbucketydan Mr WalesRegistered User regular
    That Brian face actually got me excited. This whole arc has stepped the comic up to a new level.

  • DublinDublin Registered User regular
    So.... Malachi kinda jumped to catch the bullet half an hour in advance... I guess it's the thought that counts!

  • AlexxAlexx Registered User regular
    Purdy? Your, uh....your pupils are quivering.

  • Talyn RahlTalyn Rahl Registered User regular
    Uh oohhhhh... Purdy, you're real funny and all...

    But yeah, nice knowing you, Brian is about to open a keg of Presidential Pain on you :p

    p.s. I laughed for a good 5 mins solidly at Malachi's jump in that bottom panel... Even did a little high pitched "nooooo" in my head, it was glorious.

  • Eric the PrezEric the Prez Registered User regular
    Oh snap...B is gonna lose it

  • Minmax_the_Unstoppable_WarriorMinmax_the_Unstoppable_Warrior Registered User new member
    The kitty was easy enough to find, but I was too caught up in the action the first three times I read it to notice.

  • DexterousOafDexterousOaf Registered User new member
    Easy cat in this one. Things are really getting serious now. I am kinda freaked out by Purdy's personality.

  • Zorlock DarksoulZorlock Darksoul Registered User regular
    I wonder… We've never seen Purdy actually fire that gun. Perhaps it's not loaded, or it's a prop or something.

  • Finnish_LineFinnish_Line Registered User regular
    Poor Purdy. You brought a gun to a Brian fight.

  • cyberNurglecyberNurgle Registered User regular
    edited May 2014
    *insert Guile's Theme in the last panel*

    cyberNurgle on
  • TrueStopwatchTrueStopwatch General Nuisance MassachasattsRegistered User regular
    edited May 2014
    Shit is on the very verge of getting real.

    You know, Malachi was already in front of Brian and Seventeen, so why on earth did he feel any reason to move so far to the side when he jumped? A small part of me wants to believe he was just getting out of the way so he wouldn't get shot. :P

    TrueStopwatch on
  • bagglebaggle Registered User regular
    @trueststopwatch The way the comic is constructed, that's actually how I read it. It's like the time lapse between Malachi jumping out of the way and Brian getting that determined look could have been several seconds.

  • aberdasheraberdasher Registered User regular
    I'm not sure what purdy is even thinking at this point. She can't possibly want to kill them can she? We've established she's a kleptomaniac who likes to kill animals, but she's probably not up to murder...

  • NoedigNoedig BlindCleric on Twitch Registered User regular
    Getting real tired of Malachi, his compulsive lying and his 'please everyone' attitude.

  • hajenhajen Registered User regular
    oh, Mal is definitely getting out of the way! that is an epic "exit stage left", if i have ever seen one.
    simple geometry: Brian is to the right of the blood spoor; Mal's now-vacant spot was to the right of the spoor; and the forced perspective of the barrel on the right show them to be in a line.
    Mal was not going for the hero schtick, he was going for the 'live to be wishy-washy another day' IMHO.

    also: based on the last split panel, are Brian and Purdy primordial nemeses (he being of nature, she being of technology) before the creation of camp and treetown?

  • LostNinjaLostNinja Registered User regular
    Oh crap, the gentle giant has been awoken, shits about to get real.

    Noedig wrote: »
    Getting real tired of Malachi, his compulsive lying and his 'please everyone' attitude.

    That and his flair for the dramatic are the exact reasons I love Malachi's character.

  • FrankenFranken Registered User new member
    I think its just a BBgun... well I really hope its a BBgun
    she dose have some of the coolest eyes, They tell so much about her.

  • MrNumbersMrNumbers Registered User regular
    I'm going to say that Brian's character, Seventeen and Purdy are all being handled fantastically, but I'm really not sure what to think about Malachai. At the start it appeared he was supposed to be a heavily flawed but likeable protagonist.

    Now the flaws have started being stacked fast and hard whilst the virtues have been left by the wayside, and his character is becoming less "Jerk in self-defense" and more "Jerk in pettiness".

    Is this supposed to be a sliding scale experiment? A case of the water rising so slowly the frog doesn't realize it's being boiled moment?

    Because my sympathy for Malachai is slipping very much and I'm wondering just how much of it is intentional. Maybe if the compulsive lying were played up more because of trust issues, or abandonment, or anything that *humanizes* him, I'd be singing your praises. Instead he's acting to the direct detriment to the few people he feels any loyalty to. Instead we're shown remorse only when he's thought he's gotten *caught*. Even then that brief moment of conscience is quickly forgotten.

    I'm conflicted here.

    I mean, I adored Breaking Bad and Dan Vs because they were intentionally loathable protagonist/antagonists, but because Malachai isn't quite relatable enough to be an effective protagonist, nor detestable enough to be a sympathetic antagonist, it's seriously starting to detract from my enjoyment of a comic which is otherwise fantastically drawn with a wonderfully, almost macabre, premise.

    ... oh dear.

    I'm sorry for the horribly mean essay I've just written. I think a lot. I don't mean anything nasty by it, because I literally love everything else in this comic but.

  • motorfireboxmotorfirebox Registered User regular
    Purdy is about to find out why they call Brian "The Ten Thousand Whirling Blades of Savage Death."

    Purdy may not, however, actually find out that they call him that, or who "they" are.

  • Mjolnir74Mjolnir74 Registered User regular
    edited May 2014
    My take on Mal is that he is loyal to Seventeen and Brian. He has been befriended by a dangerous and mentally unstable person who snaps when Mal tries to excuse himself from her presence. You can tell by his facial expressions and hand wringing that he is very uncomfortable around Purdy. So, his choices are leave Purdy and risk death, or try to balance his loyalty to his friends--Seventeen and Brian--and placating his captor: Purdy. In that way, he is a human worthy of sympathy.

    Mjolnir74 on
  • Shark.FighterShark.Fighter Registered User regular
    @mrnumbers I think maybe at the moment malachi falls somewhere in between. Do you feel like you cannot enjoy a character who is not far enough towards either extreme? People are so many levels of grey, and not a lot of black/white. Also, I still feel as though all of the central characters have a lot of aspects yet to be revealed, not to mention the possibility of change and/or growth.

  • PilliquockPilliquock Registered User new member
    Other than the first scene with the super wide barrel, its almost definitely a BB gun. Looks just like a Red Ryder, except in this comic the wood/metal attachment point for the stock is switched (it's correct in all the other comics) and it's missing the cocking device.

  • MrNumbersMrNumbers Registered User regular
    @Shark.Fighter ~ What makes for a real person doesn't necessarily make for a compelling character.

    Malachai is just annoying enough to be offputting whilst not being offputting enough to be interesting in that regard either. If he pushed further in either direction his delivery would be a lot more effective, in my eyes.

    "Also, I still feel as though all of the central characters have a lot of aspects yet to be revealed, not to mention the possibility of change and/or growth."

    ~ Yes, which is why I muse about it now, rather than later, when things become more set in stone. I'm worried about the direction it's heading far more than merely musing over where it's at now.

  • ceresceres When the last moon is cast over the last star of morning And the future has past without even a last desperate warningRegistered User, Moderator mod
    Some people are a direct detriment to the few people they feel any loyalty to, and it sucks and much of the time they never figure out what it is they're doing wrong or why people don't want to be around them after a while. If ever there were a kid you'd want to leave at such a camp, it's that one.

    And it seems like all is dying, and would leave the world to mourn
  • davidhbrowndavidhbrown Registered User regular
    So, school curricula won't be replacing Dickens with Rice any time soon. I don't know how far MrNumbers is from being Malachi's age, but I'm far enough past it that I can remember and accept my flaws at that age as just being flaws. They weren't motivated by any childhood trauma; they weren't part of some grand narrative arc. (And, fortunately, they weren't exposed to the world every Tuesday and Friday!) It's just a kid figuring out how the world works... and how it doesn't. Mistakes and awkwardness at that age don't really have a point; they just are.

    But speaking of "literature," Katie... whenever you feel the story has come to a point where it's ready to take a pause, I would really love to be able to buy these collected as a graphic novel!

    (This is _not_ that point!!! The battle of the scary eyes has yet to begin...)

  • LivingClockworkLivingClockwork Registered User new member
    I'm pretty sure Purdy (The girl with the gun) is the same girl as the one in the first strip (page 1), they have the same shirt and all.

  • LambdaLambda Registered User regular
    edited May 2014
    Now this is exciting.

    I don't know if I agree with the interpretation that Malachai jumped to save himself. His expression in the previous panel does not look like one of fear. I think it's more like he panicked when he saw his lies coming down around him and took refuge in a movie cliche he hoped would redeem himself in the eyes of his friends.

    I kind of see where MrNumbers is coming from. Malachai was always selfish, and he was always a liar, so he hasn't really changed in that regard. But earlier, the narrative tended to focus on his attempts to adapt and survive in this confusing, terrifying existence, and there was some nobility to that despite his flaws. We haven't seen much of that side of him in the recent arc, but I don't think that's a character derailment or anything. The focus has just changed, and may well change again later.

    Lambda on
  • QuackNateQuackNate Registered User regular

  • Shark.FighterShark.Fighter Registered User regular
    @mrnumbers - I get what you mean. I got a kick out of a friend claiming something like the physics or gravity was unrealistic when was a game about fighting giant demons and dragons. Entertainment wouldn't be entertaining if it was like real life. I can't remember who it was I saw doing stand-up that said that if a movie was realistic it would be an eight hour movie of a guy putting labels on boxes.. and every once in a while he would sigh.

    we have moral/immoral and sympathetic/unsympathetic. for comparison you could say Walter White was highly immoral and fairly sympathetic, and malachi is somewhat immoral and somewhat unsympathetic.

    So in that regard I agree, in that fictional characters must be outside of the realm of normal to be entertaining. Maybe he will redeem himself, or maybe he will become more of a snake in the grass. I guess we don't know for sure where things will end up later, but we'll have to put up with his moderately off-putting self to find out.

  • KaitensatsumKaitensatsum Registered User regular
    Purdy might have crazy eyes, but Brian going Devil Trigger seems slightly scarier.

  • tahujoetahujoe Registered User new member
    I would like panels 7 and 8 directly above eachother and enlarged to desktop background scale.

  • martian_bobmartian_bob Registered User new member
    Oh, I do hope Brian throws his top-hat like Oddjob!

  • Twenty SidedTwenty Sided Registered User regular
    hajen wrote: »
    also: based on the last split panel, are Brian and Purdy primordial nemeses (he being of nature, she being of technology) before the creation of camp and treetown?

    Uhhh. Wow. That's forced.
    She wants to murder a small cute animal and is also pointing a rifle in their direction, which is nothing if not threatening behavior.

  • Dany2125Dany2125 Registered User new member
    If you look on comic 7 (Motivation), there is a girl in a tree in the background that looks a lot like Purdy, she even has the boots.

  • KatieJRiceKatieJRice Registered User regular
    I'm pretty sure Purdy (The girl with the gun) is the same girl as the one in the first strip (page 1), they have the same shirt and all.

    The girl in the very first comic (Dear Mom) does look a little like Purdy, but it's definitely not meant to be her. However, that is her in the first comic that was made after the original six for Strip Search (Motivation). Purdy's design was actually one of the first I came up with! I went and dug up my first drawing of her, along with some early Malachis and Seventeens:


  • TrenchArcadeCamperTrenchArcadeCamper Registered User new member
    Brian... Brian just calm down... don't do anything Purdy will regret....

    Purdy... RUN. JUST RUN NOW.

  • LamontLamont Registered User new member
    Fabulous comic, just caught up and read the whole thing in one gulp. Lovely.
    Formal point for this one though: as we read from left to right, wouldn't you say that a character's dramatic movement such as Malachi's leap here would look better and feel more dynamic if it were staged to happen from left to right? A "hero pose and pause" works really well from right to left, because your eye "stops" on it, but a flowing move feels more natural if your eye can glide over it because it's drawn in the same direction your eye is going anyway.
    Right now there's the tiniest hiccup of processing when we get to panel seven: we know Malachi can't be going backwards, so he must be jumping from right to left, but it's something your brain has to determine and it just stops you, even if unconsciously, for a tick.
    Feel free to disagree, obviously.

  • GaslightGaslight Registered User regular
    Malachi is clearly trying to jump in the path of the bullet to protect his friends. His look in panel 6 is one of courage and resolution. The problem is that he's seen too many scenes like this in movies so his attempted sacrifice was more melodramatic than useful. His timing is way off for starters.

    To @MrNumbers: You need to adjust your expectations. This is a comic about kids at a weird summer camp. Bringing up Breaking Bad here is just ridiculous. If Malachi is wishy-washy, petty, by turns selfish and overeager to please, it's because he is a child, and that's the way children often are. This is especially true when they're in stressful social situations (like, say, being abandoned indefinitely at a summer camp full of oddball strangers). That doesn't make Malachi a "jerk" any more than adolescents are customarily jerks. Comparing him to a dramatic anti-hero like Walter White, for good or ill, is nonsensical.

  • MrBigglesworthMrBigglesworth Registered User new member
    @SHARK.FIGHTER Whats wrong with wanting fantasy games based on realistic things? Fantasy is ridiculous without tempering it with reason and structure. It wouldn't be very fun to 'slay dragons' if people were just flung off helplessly into space and died because some ridiculous notion that gravity need not apply because its ~fantasy~ now would it. Dont be silly.

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