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Warhammer Fantasy Battles

TrainwreckXTrainwreckX Registered User regular
edited August 2004 in PAX Archive
I know there is already going to be a mega-battle and a tourney for 40k, but I was wondering if there is any interest in playing some Flash Battles (500 points) or a mega battle for Warhammer Fantasy? I'm bringing two 40k armies and a fantasy one.

TrainwreckX on


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    kedinikkedinik Captain of Industry Registered User regular
    edited August 2004
    Warhammer fantasy is a fantastic game, but our kind are too few these days.

    kedinik on
    I made a game! Hotline Maui. Requires mouse and keyboard.
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    DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
    edited August 2004
    I have just started playing warhammer fanasty again well really I haven't really started its taken me over 4 years to paint my starter kit army :? but I can play with you guys if your to teach a n00b :lol: I'll try my best to get an army up I think the best I can do will be a 500 point army by then I'll bring them if there will be others

    Unknown User on
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