PAX unique tickets/passes?

sfxer0sfxer0 Registered User new member
I was wondering if 2015 they could/would/are doing something different with the tags? Like maybe print the name of the person ordering the badge on the badge itself and require a photo ID of some sort? I went to PAX East 2011 and 2012 but couldn't go in 2013/14 since the three day passes sold out in literally minutes. Normally I would be fine with that except if you checked Ebay later that day there was one guy selling 10+ badges. Is there some plan to cut down on that? Seems kind of like stealing from you guys since you decide on a price and these guys just tack on more knowing some people might pay. I had a blast in 2011 and `12, would hate to see PAX become the next E3 where eventually the public just isn't invited or able to attend simply because media outlets and scalpers hoard all the tickets. On the other hand E3 only became what it is now because too many people were let in and fights started breaking out (ala the Nintendo "Revolution" line riots) and people became too booze and boob happy.

So yeah, will I be able to attend 2015 PAX East without having to set alarms to spam refresh key and pray my order goes through before some scalper orders 10-20?


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