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Picking out a new monitor

QuantumTurkQuantumTurk Registered User regular
So my old black Friday deal of an emachines monitor is starting to hurt my eyes, and no setting changes seem to alleviate this, while my laptop (lenovo u410) is just fine.
So I see some sales on woot, but I have less than 0 idea how to compare these monitors, and online guides have really just left me with the idea that I like pixels and a low response time. Though I game so little, I'd take a high response time for a bigger screen. Any advice on these? I'd like to get out for under 200. Or if that budget has some other option, let me know!


  • LilnoobsLilnoobs Alpha Queue Registered User regular
    Man, if you've been using a monitor that came with an emachine, then practically anything you buy will be fantastic.

    From experience, just make sure the monitor you're getting can display 19x12/10 resolution, the weight is acceptable, the viewing angles are okay (and if it comes with a swivel thing), and if there are enough inputs/connectors. I doubt you'll notice the response time, but the only monitor from that list that had a response time lower than 5ms was this one

    which seems to be the Cadillac in that link. But it's also the heaviest and at the top end of your price range. Personally, the 2 HDMI ports would make it easy for me to switch between computer and console with the same monitor, so it would double as my tv.

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