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Crazy Game/Server Login Problem - League of Legends

Lord MaloryLord Malory Registered User regular
Hoping someone can help as I cant find an online reference to someone with this problem.
Last week I went from being able to login and play LOL as always. Then one day, without a computer restart or any other change to my laptop whatsoever,
After I hit the orange PLAY button in bottom right of first screen, I get to the LoginID screen, enter my verified correct info, and never get to log into the game.

All it says after I hit enter or click Login after entering my info is a line with these words:

"Did not receive a response from the server; retrying (Attempt X out of 3)."

It then stops, and I get the normal "contact customer support," etc.

I've submitted several requests for aid but to no avail. I even uninstalled and re installed whole program. I will continue attempted to seek help through RIOT, but if anyone knows about this maybe this can be resolved more quickly.

Note: All my steam games and everything else on the computer work normally both and off of multiple networks and locations.




  • Kick_04Kick_04 Registered User regular
    I don't play LOL, however in the past when I did play some online games and ran into an issue similiar to this... The game's customer service told me it was my internet provider, internet provider blamed the game.

    What ended up doing the trick was flushing DNS.

    WIN+R, cmd, "ipconfig /flushdns"

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