Extending a wireless network via ethernet with 2 routers

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So I have a problem, my laundry room is apparently impervious to all wireless signals, leaving my living room unable to get more than 2 bars from the router

I have two WNR1000v3 routers, I have a cable running through the laundry room and the second router in the living room and wish to use it to extend the wireless signal. Now if I plug the network port of the router that's connected to the modem into the internet port of the one in the living room, it provides internet fine to everyone in the room, however I lose access to the lan (which I want)

How can I use this setup to extend both lan AND internet into my living room?


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    Leave the wifi router that has the internet connection (I assume this is the one in laundry room) alone. Go into the setup of the wifi router that does NOT have Internet connected (living room router) and disable DHCP server on it. The ethernet cable connecting the laundry room wifi router and the living room wifi router should be in "LAN" side ports in both routers. Leave "Internet" or "WAN" port of living room wifi router empty.

    Edit: forgot to add, the WiFi connection info (SSID, auth protocol, and password) should be identical on both routers. But I'd put one on channel 1 and the other on channel 11.

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    hey that worked perfectly, thanks!

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