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[Wrestling] Was Acceptable in the 80s

PwnanObrienPwnanObrien He's right, life sucks.Registered User regular

Hello! Happy days are here again. Welcome to Social Entropy's wrestling thread, where we chronologically critique to current era of professional wrestling as it happens. We've been getting a lot more returning wrestling fans of yesteryear as the business is in an upswing so here's some quick cliffsnotes for you on what's going on:


WWE has become the most dominant promotion at the global level implementing a sports entertainment style which brought them great success in the Rock n Wrestling Era and the Attitude Era.

Right now we're in a transitional period where a new generation of superstars from around the world are looking to take over. That's perhaps nowhere more evident than current WWE Divas' champion Paige who ended AJ Lee's historic 295 day reign on the post-Mania RAW. Elsewhere WWE Tag Team champions the Usos have been sticking their noses in the business of WWE's creepiest woods cult The Wayatt Family. Sheamus is the United States champion...for some reason...but if you think that matters while there's still an Intercontinental champion I'm afraid I've got some BAD NEWS.

Speaking of bad news: Daniel Bryan. The world's greatest wrestler and current World Heavyweight Champion has been going through a lot as of late. The latest obstacle facing Daniel Bryan is a potentially career altering neck surgery which sees the fate of the World Heavyweight Championship uncertain going into Money in the Bank.


Look man, I'm not Dyvim, all I know about New Japan for certain is that Kazuchika Okada's Rainmaker gimmick makes me smile every time I see it. Well, that's not all. They also have the best logo that should be printed on all the shirts. The IWGP Heavyweight and Tag Team championships belong to bunch of gaijin who aren't even real bullets but some kind of metaphorical bullets...I guess? Their version of the Intercontinental championship is currently around the waist of Shinsuke Nakamura who can be seen dancing poorly here.

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SIGN STEEN SIGN! reDragon just won the Tag titles a few weeks ago. Adam Cole's holding the ROH World Championship which only really proves that ROH is good at making moves PWG already moved on from.



After a year of darkness dotted with occasional signs of activity CHIKARA has risen like a phoenix. Their first IPPV back, You Only Live Twice, was a success with critics? Will CHIKARA see more problems in 2014 or will it be all smooth sailing?


There's a chance that one of these days I'm going to get tired of seeing guys flip out of the ring set to the two rock songs PWG has licensed. Today is not that day.

MGOAYfl.png not to be addressed without derision. We've got top men working on a way to make dismissive fart noises translate to text but for now try to keep pointing and laughing to a minimum.

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