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Recommend a capture card?

TaerythTaeryth Registered User regular
I already bought the EasyCap knockoff and then later found out it'd be a bit of a mince-around to get EZCap itself working on W8.
If it's actually not that bad (as opposed to my 16yrold self trying to get Linux to merely /function/) then.. Bollocks and apologies for wasting the thread, but ehhh.. Money, I'd rather be sure about what I'm buying.

I'm not looking for crazy 1440p specs, truth be told if I've got any chance of rendering things within a reasonable timeframe with my crappy old Tosh Satellite l755 I'm probably only ever going to need 480p, and at that I'll probably just be streaming with friends.
That's not to say I won't be needing 720 eventually but that's aaaaages away until I can afford a computer that'll render it in less than 5 hours, so really I only need 480.
If there's anything you need to know to help me just ask and I'll reply/add it into the original post.

Thanks for reading guys.


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