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Virtual/Video Memory Issues

Hi guys,

I've posted about this type of thing before but now that I've started playing games again it's continuing to be a problem.

Yesterday I went to play Sniper Elite V2 and about an hour into the game I got kicked back to my desktop with a warning to close Firefox because my memory was dangerously low. I checked my usage and it was ~30%, plenty of memory. Though semi-pretty, the game is not the most intensive game I've played.

I booted up Papa & Yo this morning to give it a shot. Less intensive than Tomb Raider, Max Payne 3 and other games I've run with zero issue (aside from the same annoying "low memory" warning above). About 30 min it, the game crashed and told me I had run out of video memory. I did a mem test last time and found no errors, and did a similar thing with a video test this morning.

The ONLY thing I can think of is that I have a videocard in this laptop, but also onboard video. Could it be trying to run these off of my on-board video?

Here are my specs:
Intel Core i7-3632QM @ 2.20GHz
8.00 GB (7.88GB usable) RAM
64 bit OS, x64-based processor

Intel HD Graphics 4000 (onboard)


  • The WolfmanThe Wolfman Registered User regular
    I had a similar problem a while back. Near identical specs to you, but an i5. No video card, I'm going off HD 4000 graphics. Some games, like Arkham Asylum, would run for a random amount of time before I would get a warning that I was running out of video memory. Other games like WoW would run fine for hours. Normally I'd just ignore the warning and be fine, but I did have a hard crash once which was most likely related to it.

    The "problem" I eventually figured out was related to the page file. The OS is on a SSD that typically hovers at around 10 gigs free. Whenever I would get these warnings, I would lose 9 gigs of space and not get it back until I rebooted. I tried all manner of fiddling with page files, but nothing would work. Even flat out disabling the page file didn't stop the errors.

    The "cause" and "solution" I eventually traced back to Windows 8.1. I never had these problems before updating, and they suddenly started happening when I did. I had to do a full on format to go back to 8, and when I did... no more fucking problems with memory.

    The only quirk in all of this is that I can only assume you're not actually using the onboard video and are using your video card instead. But hopefully this helps you out somewhat.

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