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Help with iPhoto importing

Brovid HasselsmofBrovid Hasselsmof [Growling historic on the fury road]Registered User regular
Hey guys. My mum asked for my help today setting up her scanner with her Mac desktop. Kind of a challenge as I own and use zero Apple products so have no idea how they work. But together we managed to fumble our way through to the point where it scans and then imports the photos into her iPhoto library.

Problem is it is duplicating the photos. It only scans them once, but when it imports them we get two copies in iPhoto.

Weirdly it will do this if you scan a single image. If you select multiple areas to scan (we are scanning in old photos 3 at a time) it will result in a single copy of the first image it scans, but two each of the others. Which.... ???

We have unchecked the "duplicate images when you import" option, and it's set to delete the files from the scan folder after importing them. It is definitely only scanning once, but somehow importing twice.

Any ideas? Macs give me a headache.

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