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DAT File question (Bardbarian)

JustCruisingJustCruising Registered User new member

I'm not sure if anyone plays/has played this game, but I had a question about the "campaign.dat" file (I found it while looking to correct a translation inside one of its supported languages - that part of my problem is fixed, but I got curious with this one and decided to ask around).

While it opens up with Wordpad, it contains a lot of characters that can't be read. I don't believe I can simply put the file here for appreciation, but if anyone knows/can direct me to a program that would allow me to read the content of the file, I'd appreciate it.

First line of the file (in Wordpad):


Thanks in advance for any help.


  • LD50LD50 Registered User regular
    So you know, .dat files aren't a standardized file type, so there won't be a program out there that can open the file unless there was one made specifically for the game you're playing. You should be able to open the file in a hex editor, but that likely won't make the file any easier to understand.

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