PAX Prime Girls' Meetup 2014 - SEND ME YOUR FEEDBACK!!



  • strttrknstrttrkn Registered User regular
    I've got mine. This is one of my favorite parts of PAX!

    "So, she's added cussing and hurling about of things to her repertoire. She really is a prodigy."
  • trickmonettrickmonet Registered User new member
    Just got mine. I'm quiet and a bit nervous but I like mimosas so after a couple. I hope to chat you up.

  • CovetCovet Registered User regular

    TODAY is the last day for refunds. After that, you can transfer your ticket to someone else, but you will be responsible for collecting payment and notifying me of the change.

  • MoccawaiiMoccawaii Registered User regular
    Just officially signed up for this event. So excited to be a part of this!

    :!!: My info is in a spoiler 'cause I wrote so much.
    Made you look. :wink:<3
  • StarPhishStarPhish Registered User new member
    I just signed up. Can't wait!

  • ZoidynZoidyn Registered User regular
    I keep missing this every year and keep hearing how much fun it was. Not missing out this time ... just got my ticket!

  • minisplatminisplat Registered User regular
    I'm so glad I get to join in the fun this year!

    passes - flight - hotel - anticipation

    Don't Panic.
  • CovetCovet Registered User regular

    As per usual, I'll be at the Sheraton front lobby starting around 9:15 am to gather a little group to walk over together. You'll be able to recognize me by my Companion Cube and Blue Button Buttons on my lanyard.

    Can't wait to see all of you! <3

  • Menolly07Menolly07 Registered User regular
    I will be with the meetening at the Sheraton and the stuff! Yay! Booze for breakies!

    Still PAXing strong. [E] for lyfe. ELand forever.
  • JulietJuliet Registered User regular
    I'm in! By the way tickets are on sale for another 1 day and 4 hours and the event is in the morning.

  • SinoSambaSinoSamba CaliforniaRegistered User regular
    Looking forward to meeting everyone tomorrow :D

    3DS FC: 3239-2323-6239
  • CovetCovet Registered User regular
    THANK YOU!! to all the lovely ladies who attended this years PAX Prime Girls' Meetup! It was great seeing old friends and making new ones. I hope you had a good time. :)

    I want to open the thread to suggestions on how the meetup can improve for next year. Please don't be shy, let me know! If you feel uncomfortable posting it in the thread, feel free to send me a private message.

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