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Companies that print on Next Level Apparel t-shirts?

Giggles_FunsworthGiggles_Funsworth Blight on DiscourseBay Area SprawlRegistered User regular
I was out in Dallas recently for business and I bought a shirt from Four Corners Brewing Company (Keep Your Buzz Local! Local Buzz was actually my least favorite beer that they did, but the shirt was super clever, and the Boss Lady red ale they made for Pecan Lodge is my favorite beer I had in the DFW area and I tried pretty hard to drink everything on offer from everywhere in the area).

This is the comfiest damn t-shirt I own and I own a whole lot of t-shirts, they've been an indispensable part of my work "uniform" until this new gig. This shirt is a cotton, polyester, and rayon blend, and it's soft, gently stretchy, and breathes amazingly well. I can find plenty of places to buy blank shirts but I'm wondering if any of you have heard of companies using them for printing? I could wear a blank t-shirt, but if I were to do that I'd probably be wanting something fancier than a t-shirt. T-shirts are for expression in my closet. Just a blank color is kind of meh.

I'd buy the rest of the shirts on offer from Four Corners but I don't really do beer t-shirts, despite being an enthusiastic craft brew drinker. Don't like the message it could send and most of them aren't too clever or aesthetically pleasing.

As far as stuff I do like, most of my shirts are from hacker conferences I've volunteered or attended, or off of sites like Threadless, Ript, Teefury, etc.

Past favorites include stuff like: (in blue, I don't know why the default is red)


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