A mobile main site and a desktop main site usability issue

Hope I don't sound too nit-picky, but there are two things about the changes to the revamp of the main site which bother me from a usability issue.

1. When on mobile, the area that flips through the various comics moves too fast and I often click the wrong comic when using the mobile browser. I am using chrome with the galaxy s3 and s4.

2. When using on the main site from my laptop, and let's say I want to watch an episode of Penny Arcade Series, I mouse over the PATV button and then move to the Penny Arcade Series button quickly. This often causes the new bar that appears to go away, unless I wait a fraction of a second on the PATV button. Not a huge deal, but very annoying. Does it have anything to do with that little bounce animation it does?

Overall, I have liked the changes done to the site since the last year and I hope that the user experience keeps improving.

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