Cannabis stores legal in Seattle - Anything I should know?

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Hey guys.

So this PAX is going to be my first real convention. Ever. I'm really hitting the pavement hard here and trying to get as deeply involved as I possibly can. I got tickets for Saturday/Sunday, made myself a costume, signed up for a few events and I've got 5 other friends coming with me.

Then I read this article that Cannabis is now legal in Seattle? This trip is going to be a lot of 'firsts' for me, and this is something my friends and I might get a huge kick out of trying. We're from BC, Canada.

I just had a few questions for any resident Seattle folks out there:

1) Are there restrictions to these stores (IE, must be a resident)?
2) Are these stores always sold-out/ludicrously expensive?
3) Are there any PAX-Goers making an event out of this?
4) Are there restrictions on places you can enjoy said purchased legal drugs (indoors, out of sight, etc?)
5) As a Canadian Resident over the age of 21, are there other unspoken legal complications with this currently that they're still working through?

Thanks in advance!


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