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2nd Annual Pre-PAX Charity Tabletop Event & Dinner - Aug 28, 76th floor of Columbia Tower



  • ReenieReenie Registered User regular
    Porkchop wrote: »

    Really looking forward to this! Quick question--how hard is it to get in and out of the club once we've already signed in and given our ticket? I am planning to meet someone to sell one of my extra passes (at face value...don't look at me like that!) and want to make sure that:

    a) I can get back in if I've already signed in, and
    b) an idea of how long it takes to get in and out from the main entrance.

    I didn't see this covered in the FAQ.


    You'll have wristbands, so you can come and go freely.

  • ReenieReenie Registered User regular
    edited August 2014
    courtneyj wrote: »
    Looks like I might have grabbed the last 2 spots.

    That you did. Seek out the host in the fedora tomorrow - you get a prize! (and this is the only year we're doing this - we don't want to encourage procrastination)

    And with that...

    SOLD OUT! See everybody tomorrow!

    Reenie on
  • ReenieReenie Registered User regular
    edited August 2014
    Final Update

    There are a lot of things we never even covered in updates leading up to this event, so there are a number of surprises in store for people tomorrow (special guests, dinner will be announced 'with authoritah', prize stuff, and the like). Just to whet some appetites in advance of tomorrow though with regards to the prize table, since the selling of tickets is at capacity. We have a lot of it on hand. Quite a bit more won't be available to view until actually at the event. So how much stuff did the Division of Procurement Awesomeness come up with to give away? I dunno, you try to count (and keep in mind the table is multiple levels deep).


    They did aight.

    *Drops mic*

    Reenie on
  • ReenieReenie Registered User regular
    Thank you, everybody for helping us in making what was a truly awesome event tonight! It'll be a few days before we do a post-mortem to figure out exactly what the donation this year is, but I'm pretty sure we blew the doors off of last year's total. I hope everybody had a great time, enjoyed the food, the company, the games, and yes, the Blue Thunder (hey, we TOLD you dinner was going to be announced with thunderous authoritah), and hopefully we'll see all of you next year!

    Hopefully we'll have the dollar amount by Wednesday, which we will relay to everybody.

  • courtneyjcourtneyj Registered User regular
    Last night was a lot of fun! Thanks so much for putting it on.

  • ReenieReenie Registered User regular
    edited September 2014
    It's our pleasure. We all got together on Friday and ran the final numbers. Going into it this year, Captain Procurement/Food/Finance was projecting an optimistic growth of 33-40% for 2014's event over 2013's 40,000 meal bounty.

    He was so, SO wrong. We DOUBLED our donation this year over last year's! We're not entirely positive what that means in meal count because of food cost inflation questions we don't have definitively answered, but off last year's metrics that represents 80,000 meals to low income veterans, children, and families in Washington - just shy of an entire day's worth of what Food Lifeline distributes in a day (which is both really exciting...and really sad when you think for a moment about what a huge need that is).

    Post-event surveys, if they're not already out, will be heading out early next week. Please fill them out so we know where to improve for next year (objective 1: opening the food line to two sides instead of just one angle of approach). Yes, we're doing it all again next year, so mark August 27th off on your calendars (according to the WSCC, PAX 2015 is not over Labor Day weekend due to it being so far into September) - we've already booked the floor again.

    Also worth noting: We're consolidating notifications of the event next year and beyond. Going forward, they'll only be announced via the Facebook page and on BoardGameGeek; we'll likely not be posting up anything here or on Reddit anymore, as it's too much disjointed effort and, well...politics/control, and none of us are really Redditors. Reality is our internal tracking shows that only about 4% of our ticket sales were driven off this forum this year (5% Reddit), we've got a large enough mailing list now, our publishing sponsors blast it like crazy on social media, and apparently it was one of the talks of PAX Dev, given how many publishers asked to show up the day before the thing, so we've hit enough critical mass that we can consolidate. Just do a search for Dawgsled Tabletop Games Seattle and you'll find the group. Also remember that 2 of us put together a similar event at the same venue on International Tabletop Day, with all the proceeds going to benefit kitties (complete with spokeskitties!), which is a more value-pricing oriented affair as opposed to a highbrow extravaganza like the pre-PAX event.

    Thanks again for all your giving back to the community, and hopefully everybody who didn't already come up to us and tell us what a blast they had enjoyed it as much as the praise we've heard!

    Reenie on
  • CennediCennedi A strange man A strange landRegistered User regular
    Had a blast sitting in the VIP section with everybody. I'm looking forward to next time!

    The only issue I had during the entire thing was one of the bartenders was very new and tried giving me a Blue Tick that was red....

    Hopeful First Time Attendee of PAX Prime 2014.
    [ X ] Badge
    [ X ] Hotel
    [ X ] Plane
    Wish me luck!
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