Pax Aus 2014 LoL Group Accomodation ( cheap )

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Alright, so after reading the rules and threads briefly, I couldn't find a problem for this, but if there is an issue, feel free to let me know.

Secondly, Riot hasn't confirmed anything for Pax Aus yet, so only get involved if you'd love pax, even if they don't show up ( which isn't likely, but who knows )

Additionally, as a PSA, always take caution when dealing with people over the internet. It's a scary world there. Alright, now I've handled that...

- Pax Aus 2014 LoL Group Accomodation -

So, I went to Pax Aus 2013, and stayed in a backpackers in central Melbourne. It was a nice price, and I spent most of my time at pax or around melbourne ( as you do ) . The problem was that I was a bit shy, and didn't want to talk to people ( except for one or two enforcers / panelists staying at the same place ), because they were such a diverse group of people. That's when I had the idea.

Book en Masse!

So, I've got 16 beds all in the same room for Pax Aus 2014, and I'm going to fill it with like minded, good people, so we all have stuff in common and it's gonna be awesome!

I've got some friends and colleagues who have already secured their spot, but there may be some spots left over. I'm leaving this here to see if anyone is interested in this type of thing. Plus, with the price, it'd save you more than a few dollars.

- October 30th ( Thursday ) - November 4th ( Tuesday )
allows for a day to arrive, meet and greet everyone, and prepare for the PAXage to come.
- $165 ( total )
Because I booked in January, and booked large scale, we get a huge discount
- Central melbourne
Seriously close to everything, if you're not a fan of cities and people, there's an internet gaming cafe nearby too.
- Shared utilities
yeah, shared kitchen and bathrooms. The bathrooms are fine, but I still get creeped out by it. Kitchen is awesome.

Yeah, pretty awesome, right?

skype: armies.mmoe

feel free to ask any questions, about me, or the accomodation. I'll answer what I can :)

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    We do room share threads in the other pax sections, so there's no reason this can't work. However, a couple notes.

    First, this doesn't have anything to do with LoL as far as I can see, so I don't know why you've included that in the title other than clickbait, unless there's some connection I don't understand. In fact I've gone ahead and removed it for now, lmk if there's a real reason and we can see about putting it back.
    Second, you should list the precise location of this place since you are not referencing a specific hotel or what have you.
    Third, since you're brand new, you won't actually be able to edit this post after a little while, so if you need to make edits, let me know and I'll make them for you.

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    Thanks Zerzhul. If this is the wrong area, feel free to put me in my place ( xD )

    1. I'm doing LoL themed, because a lot of the people already going are LoL fanatics, or community members. Having a theme of people means we all click really well, and making the experience EPIC?
    2. Exact location; 167 Franklin St, Melbourne VIC 3000 , "Discovery Melbourne".
    3. Edits seem to be working fine for me... Don't tell me I already broke something....

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