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[Help] Airport Extreme Port Forwarding

cardboard delusionscardboard delusions USAgentPSN: USAgent31Registered User regular
So this has come up now for me with Risk of Rain and Magicite... trying to host a game and for the life of me I can't open the ports. I've followed all directions on port forward and they still don't work when I check the site. I'm on Windows 7, I have an Airport Extreme in version 6.0 and Time Warner Cable through a Motorola Surfboard 6141. I've gone through the NAT options and added the ports and even tried forcing my PC to a reserved IP but no dice. Anyone have any success with a similar setup?


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    Ash-HousewaresAsh-Housewares TARDIS Hunter Registered User regular
    It sounds like you've gone through this already:

    There is also an interesting way to see if your ports are actually open once you run the game :

    The only thing I would suggest putting your NIC back on dynamic IP address and take your router out of the loop. Just plug straight into your cable modem(and power cycle it) and see if you can host. If you can't get anyone to connect, that would lead me to ports being blocked internally (windows firewall and/or antivirus). If you can get someone to conenct, that would point to your router and it not forwarding the ports correctly.

    Note: I'm not an expert by any means. This is just my best guess and I could be way off.

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    cardboard delusionscardboard delusions USAgent PSN: USAgent31Registered User regular
    Thanks Ash - I'll probably mess around more tonight. I flipped it back to dynamic for now.

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