xbox marketplace files over 5Gb

Conroy BumpasConroy Bumpas Registered User regular
does anyone know of any files for the 360 that are over 5Gb and free?

im haveing problems downloading games. and i think its to do with the file size

games with gold had dead riseing 2 and that was over 5 GB and would not download. and xbox support after idot checkingme. turned round and said. it free, dunno why it stops downloading. tough luck.

few months later i bough a film in HD and it did the same. but this time the gave me a refund

today my destany beta key arived. when i hit download i notced it was over 5 gb and its stops downloading at 12% every time . hard drive has 36 gb free. and microsft just say well it must be my internet. tryed in two diffrent houses. two diffrent routers etc

so i was wonder if anyone knows of another free 5 gb file i could try to download so i can go back to them. coz all other fles i can find are 2gb and under. all download and work


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