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Guardians of the Galaxy DELIVERED!

NakedZerglingNakedZergling A more apocalyptic post apocalypse Portland OregonRegistered User regular
SO i have to admit. I like comics, i have pretty much my whole life. But i never got into the intergalactic stuff Marvel did.I never cared for thanos, silver sufer, warlock, infinity stuff...Meh. I was always a spiderman, xmen, kind of a guy. I was 12 in thats pretty typical i guess.
As soon as i heard this movie announced, i educated myself about the characters, but i would still not have considered myself a fan, as i didn't know much past what i learned on the interweb. I know it can take a while to truly "get" a character, so to be honest i hope these characters are portrayed the same way in the comics, because they were GREAT.
The CG was so much better than anything in Avatar, and the film as a whole was way beyond what i was expecting. I loved that it really wasn't a superhero movie. Not at all. It was barely a "Marvel" movie. Thanos was really the only character we have seen before, and that was only teased at the end of Avengers.
As i said before, the CG was brilliant. Rocket and Groot really stole the show and you never doubted their presence at all. (Groot was hands down my favorite)
The make up was also amazing.
The environments were lush and developed. It was more a Sci-Fi adventure in the vein of Star Wars and Fifth Element than it was a "Marvel" movie...which was nice. All the Avengers cast movies felt like they really fit in well together, and this stood way out there on its own.

I stayed until the credits finished and was bummed that there were no additional post credit scene...but only because i left wanting MORE.
I was also a little confused because i swear the trailers show Starlord as a child being taken by an alien ship...but that scene didn't make it into the movie.

Anyway. As im sure most of you expected..this movie is Marvels best effort to date... better than the Avengers (IMO)


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    VivixenneVivixenne Remember your training, and we'll get through this just fine. Registered User regular
    edited July 2014
    is the lack of a post-credits scene because you were at an advanced screening? because that's pretty common

    Vivixenne on
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    BlankZoeBlankZoe Registered User regular
    They've confirmed the post-credits scene won't be shown until the showings this Thursday.

    Also, we've got a superhero movie thread

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