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Camp Weedonwantcha by Katie Rice — Haircut

DogDog adminRegistered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
edited August 2014 in Camp Weedonwantcha

imageCamp Weedonwantcha by Katie Rice — Haircut


Read the full story here

Unknown User on


  • FrostByte32FrostByte32 new member Registered User new member
    edited August 2014
    This strip continues to be top-notch.

    I was really hoping the kitty would be in the reflection, but alas.

    FrostByte32 on
  • Talyn RahlTalyn Rahl regular Registered User regular
    Oh man... I don't know which made me laugh more... Malachi's expression in panel 10, Brian and Seventeen's expression's in panel 11, or Malachi's in panel 12 :p

    Either way, many many MANY lols were had.

  • arianeariane regular Registered User regular
    Oh Malachi... kiddo... /sigh.

  • MrNumbersMrNumbers regular Registered User regular
    Hair grows back. Dignity don't.

  • jasarienjasarien regular Registered User regular
    He can be the island's resident Skrillex.

  • troyn123troyn123 regular Registered User regular
    If comic 66 - 67 is any indication, don't worry Malachi, it'll grow back fast!

  • hajenhajen regular Registered User regular
    I went into a coughing fit, I was laughing so hard, ... BRAVO!

  • currypcurryp regular Registered User regular
    priceless expressions lol

  • GladornGladorn new member Registered User new member
    I've been reading this comic for about a month or so. I don't yet know which is better, the humor or the find the cat game.

  • JortalusJortalus regular Registered User regular
    Brian's "I'm about to giggle" face looks so awesome.

  • InvisibleInvisible regular Registered User regular
    Well... you don't have to worry about any bats getting caught in it now.

  • TrueStopwatchTrueStopwatch General Nuisance MassachasattsRegistered User regular
    I love it when you experiment with flexibility of the kids and their expressions. Gets a chuckle out of me every time.

    Part of me hopes this is the start of a small story arc. I see a lot of comedic potential in this.

  • Dark JaguarDark Jaguar regular Registered User regular
    There's still some hair in your eyes buddy. Keeeeep going...

  • elizinthemorningelizinthemorning new member Registered User new member
    I love the reference to Brian cutting Seventeen's hair!

  • NuurgleNuurgle regular Redmond, WARegistered User regular
    Have fun drawing Malachi's hair like that for the next few weeks, Katie. Just remember that you did this to yourself!

  • HavenHaven new member Registered User new member
    I think the next game they should play is Poison Stump!

  • HavenHaven new member Registered User new member
    Also, this really shows how little they have at the camp. Not even a mirror!

  • PapadocPapadoc new member Registered User new member
    Malachai gets a new expression out of Brian

  • dague13dague13 new member Registered User new member
    edited August 2014
    In case any of you missed it, here's a comic Katie did for Penny Arcade: Keep up the good work, Katie

    dague13 on
  • djlowballerdjlowballer regular Registered User regular
    You absolutely slaughtered the PA guest comic. Really just make an animated series already.

  • DublinDublin regular Registered User regular
    The guest comic strip killed me! Sex ed for the win, thanks to the cats.

  • CallinCallin new member Registered User new member
    OMG the guest comic!!! I had to make an account just to say how much I loved and how hard I laughed. Thank you so much!

  • metfanscmetfansc regular Registered User regular
    The guest comic was great, don't think I will ever think of the cats the same again,

    Cant wait to see what happens to poor Malachi's hair. Cat thought Brian should cut his hair too

  • BurnCycleBurnCycle new member Registered User new member
    Malachi's last name is actually Dunning-Kruger, isn't it?

  • andyjewettandyjewett regular Elkhart, INRegistered User regular
    Always look forward to reading the next strip... great work!

  • OreoOreo regular Registered User regular
    The PA guest strip was the best one yet! I can't believe how hard you must work to bring these to us, and they keep getting better. Thank you!

  • PloutePloute new member Renton, WARegistered User new member
    I don't know why but the RSS feed isn't working for me. I can get the PA one and many others to work but the one from here doesn't want to work. I'd really love to have this on an RSS feed to I can easily keep updated. This comic is so well drawn and hilarious to read. Keep up the great work!

  • VelligisVelligis new member Registered User new member
    After panel 9 I half expected Malachi to put the knife in his eye using that horrible reflection.

  • meatnerdmeatnerd regular Registered User regular
    So this is what i look like after cutting my own hair?


  • mushymushy Unprofessional Houston, TXRegistered User regular
    omg i relate to this so hard. I have hated getting my hair cut by anyone but myself, and I basically have messed up hair for a month until i mess it up short again.<3

  • marsiliesmarsilies regular Registered User regular
    dague13 wrote: »
    In case any of you missed it, here's a comic Katie did for Penny Arcade:
    Future-proofed link:

  • ReiskaReiska regular Registered User regular
    edited August 2014
    Supreme hotness, down to the last bald spot.

    Reiska on
  • Great UlcerGreat Ulcer regular Registered User regular
    Brian's havin a hard time containing himself

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