Unwanted Firefox Add-Ons

Every so often I've been having spam add-ons installed into Firefox...shit like Savemore or Couponsave or other nonsense that either tosses in ads in whatever page I'm viewing or highlights random words as hyperlinks.

This never happened in the past. It feels like Firefox has become less secure over the years, but I still don't want to switch to Chrome because I prefer Firefox's interface and shortcuts. Is there an add-on to help block all these add-ons? Is there some other security feature I can add?


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    RubycatRubycat Registered User regular
    Get something like Noscript if you don't have it already. Its going to make viewing pages a bit more work, have to rightclick and allow things that aren't on its major whitelist, but that little bit of annoyance is worth things not just popping up and messing with things.

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    ASimPersonASimPerson Cold... and hard.Registered User regular
    I can't image using the web without NoScript and Ad Block Plus.

    Yeah, maybe your have some moral quandary about blocking ads, but in that case just whitelist sites you trust. The only virus I have ever gotten in all my years of using computers was through a hijacked banner ad in my mail client. (I subsequently installed ABP and disabled Javascript.)

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