970 gamers ranked their all-time favorite games

PapissamaPapissama Registered User new member
Hey guys, if you happen to be a "list-whore", you might find this interesting.

Almost a 1,000 gamers have participated in the All-Time FAVORITE games list so far.
When a gamer makes his/her Top 25 (a Top 10 is also fine), the results are updated in real-time and you can rank any games (as obscure as it can be)!

This list is an aggregate of all gamers lists/opinions, so it's kinda pointless to argue about its validity (still can though :)). And if you don't like it you can always play around with the demograpic filters to see the results from a female perspective or just the people from Portugal.

Anyway, here's my own list, so feel free to post yours when you're done ranking! Believe it's not as easy as you might think.

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