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Child's Play Merch

arckalocalarckalocal Registered User new member
Will there be any of the Child's Play merch available at PAX Prime this year? I don't recall finding any last year.


  • whypick1whypick1 PAX [E] Info Booth Manager ~2' from an LCDRegistered User regular
    I doubt you will find any because, generally speaking, CP is intentionally kept separate from PAX and other PA ventures.

    Is it PAX <insert nearest future PAX here> yet?
  • HeadhunterHeadhunter Registered User regular
    There was a non-Pinny Arcade pin to support Child's Play at East 2014, if I remember correctly (pretty sure I have one)? It would be cool to see the shirt on sale at the booth, I would definitely grab one.

    "Perception is reality." -unknown
  • BekerBeker Child's Play Program Director SeattleRegistered User, Penny Arcade Staff regular
    Cookie Brigade will have some of the non-pinny CP pins that they will distribute via some magical means. They have in the past sold shirts on the website, hopefully they will do it again in the future. But as far as at PAX, what @whypick1 said.

  • JulietJuliet Registered User regular
    edited August 2014
    I know a group was selling special PAX D20s. I could have sworn it was Child's Play.

    Juliet on
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