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Wishes Boardgame Exclusives at PAX

SniperCorgiiSniperCorgii Registered User new member
edited August 2014 in PAX West

Tube on


  • DustyStarrDustyStarr Registered User regular
    Thanks for the update, I'll be sure to check out your shop. :3

  • SniperCorgiiSniperCorgii Registered User new member
    Awesome, thanks DustyStarr! Also to answer questions on pricing we will be doing all exclusives as well as the rest of our inventory at the suggested retail price though we will potentially have some bundles and such going on during the weekend!

  • ligerzeroligerzero Registered User regular
    oh nice might get king of new york and munchkin, where will your booth be located?

  • TubeTube Registered User admin
    you cannot advertise here sir.

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