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Tech Recruiters and Contract Jobs - am I getting screwed?

oldsakoldsak Registered User regular
I have some niche skills that are occasionally valuable. I've been working at a full time gig the last few years, but recently moved and am looking for work again. There isn't a market for my know-how in the area where I moved, so, in addition to looking for similar work, I have been looking for contract jobs around the country.

While I was getting a lot of feelers before I left my full time job, things seem to have slowed down towards the end of summer. In any case a new month role recently opened up and I got contacted by four recruiters in a 24 hour window. The first one who reached out to me quoted me a rate that was lower than I've seen for contracts like this, but it was 100% remote work and things have been slow for me, so I told the guy I was fine with it.

When the other recruiters contacted me, I told them thank you, but I had already been submitted for the position, and to keep me in mind if anything else came up. Well one emailed me back and quoted me a rate that's 32% more than the first guy quoted me (and closer to rates I've seen before). He said if I haven't signed a right to represent, I can withdraw my application and go with him.

My inclination is not to do that. It's not like I even have the job or an offer or anything yet so I don't want to rock the boat. Still, I can't help but feel a little jerked around. I think I'm going to just ride it out and hope I get it. Is that overcautious?


  • JasconiusJasconius sword criminal mad onlineRegistered User regular
    recruiters don't care about their marks, you shouldn't care about recruiters

    act in your interest

  • khainkhain Registered User regular
    Did you sign anything? If not you should tslk to any/all recruiters and evaluate opportunities as they come along.

  • CalixtusCalixtus Registered User regular
    Before there's ink on a paper, you keep talking to everyone. Always.

    -This message was deviously brought to you by:
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