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I hope this is an okay topic to post here; feel free to move/delete it if I am mistaken! ^-^""

My husband and I live in the Seattle area and have been looking for a long-term D&D or Pathfinder group for almost a year now. We would LOVE to find 3-4 people that are interested and are able to be in it for the long haul. We would more than likely be meeting at our place if possible, as we own an Emissary D&D table from Geek Chic and have yet to break it in. This would allow us to keep our games set up between play sessions. We are also fine if someone wants to be DM, otherwise we have it covered.

Info you might be wondering about:
- We are willing to work around schedules but we generally have Sunday/Mondays off
- Once a week
- Drinks and nibbles provided (or feel free to bring stuff too)
- Husband and I are 29/25
- We do have a dog and cat so be aware if you are allergic to pets, all super friendly and will be in the back room anyway

We would all meet up beforehand at a neutral place to see how we "mesh" and everything. If you think you might be interested, please email me at sartell.rachel@gmail.com in case I miss posts here or this gets deleted. c:

Thanks so much! <3

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