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New Server of Aika Online : Aitan Arena , Must check it out

AmmarV3AmmarV3 Registered User new member
Hey Guys :),

Im sure some of you know about the game AikaOnline , if u dont then you really should check it out its an Awsome game ^_^, a new Private server of Aika Online just Launched and its got loads of ppl playing already its a very fun game and im sure you all would love it :),

Additional Details About the server are below ,

If you want anymore Details , PM me on those forums , my IGN is AmmarV3 , i wont be hard to find :). When ur done downloading and are ready to play select the nation Feonir (Yellow Flag) and find me in-game (AmmarV3) for a guild / clan invite so i can help you start the game. ^_^

Be Sure to Try it out guys its a perfect game for PVP lovers :) .

Download Link :

Thank You . ^_^

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