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iPhone 6's, unlocked or not? (U.S.A.)

WaterfallSandSunWaterfallSandSun Registered User regular
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Usually, this forum is the first place I will think of going to for legit-no-b.s. answers/solutions to various things, and here is the latest:

I have purchased the following 3 iPhone 6's (all via the Apple Store):

iPhone 6 w/ T-Mobile
iPhone 6 w/ AT&T
iPhone 6 Plus w/ Verizon

From my understanding, the iPhone 6 with the T-Mobile carrier comes completely 101% unlocked, meaning I can use it with any carrier in the world strait out of the box (?)

For the iPhone 6 w/ AT&T, I have purchased it at full price (without contract) from the Apple Store, and activated it with AT&T at the AT&T store. I have already purchased an unlock code for this about an hour ago, but just curious if I had to do that? The last question, I know, sounds incredibly un-smart (paying before confirming), but I have a very limited amount of time as I will be leaving the states within a couple of days and have not found evidence that this phone comes unlocked with my limited research so far.

Finally, for the iPhone 6 (Plus) w/ Verizon (also paid in full without a contract), I have found on their "community" website, someone who had similar concerns with unlocking the device, had their post responded to by what looks like an official employee saying that their iPhone 6 is "already unlocked" - but that is the only source for confirmation that I've found, so far.

Your question may be why I have not just purchased all three with T-Mobile... because only those providers had the ones I wanted with the specific color scheme, storage size, and type (regular or plus) via the Apple Store.

Thanks in advance clearing things up for me!

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  • tinwhiskerstinwhiskers Registered User regular
    It sounds like you are just buying these to take abroad permanently, but as an FYI in the past I was told by a Verizon rep that they do not activate phones without a Verizon ID Number(i think it had a specific name for this). So should you want to use the T-Mobile/AT&T iphone on Verizon you may be SOL.
    Prepaid Device Unlocking Policy:
    We do not lock our 4G LTE Prepaid devices, and no code is needed to program them for use with another carrier.

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