How to start this kind of gas fireplace?

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We moved into this house this summer, and it's got a gas fireplace, but we don't know how to turn it on! On the left side, there's a clicky push button, and on the right side a dial with four settings: Off, Ign, Lo, Hi. I assumed that you turned it to ignite and pressed the button, but nothing happened. We tried holding the button down and turning the dial, as well, to no avail. Our house uses natural gas for heating, and the heat is working just fine.

Any ideas?

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    Look around for a gas line shutoff on the line feeding the fireplace.

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    Yeah there is probably a shutoff somewhere nearby (maybe in a crawlspace or near the control panel). But that's pretty much exactly how it should work. Maybe ask the realtor/landlord how it's supposed to work?

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    My gas fireplace has a pilot light. Does yours have any pilot light lit? If not you'll definitely need to check the gas and make sure it's getting to the fireplace.

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    Is it a mechanical clicky button? Try setting the dial to ignite and then push the button a couple of times. Sounds like it's the pilot light igniter.

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    Check for a gas shut-off line and make sure gas is on. That's PROBABLY the problem, there may be a little fitting / valve in the floor near the fireplace you need to open...the wrenches are usually some cheap little T handle with a square socket in the bottom.

    Set the knob to 'Ignite' - push it in and hold it - you should hear the gas when you're holding it in. Hit the clicky / hold a fireplace match by the little outlet. If you aren't sure where the pilot light is, turn out your lights and hit the sparker and look for the flash - it should be by the knob.

    Once the pilot lights, if you let go right away it'll usually go out - there is a thermocouple that needs to warm up before the real valve will open (this is to keep you from accidentally killing your family with gas). After a few (5-30 seconds) the pilot light should stay lit when you release the knob. Turn to Lo / Hi and you should get the 'fwoom'.

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    When you hold down the button, do you hear a hiss? I just had to light the pilot on my MIL's fireplace, and she had a little button you push, you hear a hiss, then light the pilot. Keep holding down the button for a few seconds and let go, voila, pilot lit.

    Is there a model number of something somewhere that you can Google?

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    Also keep a window open so you're not gassing yourself to death.

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    Also, are you on a municipal gas feed, or do you have a tank? If it's a tank, make sure there's gas in it. If your town has gas lines, make sure it's actually on.

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    I realize this is an old thread, and probably won't be of any assistance to the original poster. My intent is to help others who may find this type of insert as the manufacturer and model aren't marked in any obvious place that would at least lead one to lighting directions on the interwebs...

    We purchased a home this year with this exact insert. The piezoelectric push-button igniter is on the left, the control knob is on the right, both are a 45 degree angle to the unit. The control knob has "Off", "IGN", and 1, 2, 3 and 4 on it. There are 2 sets of burners - a straight, lower burner, and a middle angled upper burner.

    To light this unit, ensure that the gas supply is on. Ours is a typical gas key in the floor that needs to be turned counter clockwise (Also ensure the branch supplying the fireplace is turned on). First thing to do is turn the right gas knob to off (there is a diecut triangle in the sheet metal cover - align the off to that). Next, push the knob in as far as it will go (about a half inch - if the fireplace insert isn't secured, you'll want to ensure it is pushed all the way in). While holding the knob in, start pressing the igniter button... if there is a spark arcing to the gas feed pilot, it should only take a few presses to light the pilot. Once the pilot is lit, release the knob completely. The pilot should remain lit. To turn the insert completely on, push the right knob in about a 1/4" and rotate counter clockwise to IGN. You should hear the gas free flowing now and it will light easily. Once ignited, you can push the knob in again 1/4" and adjust the height of the flames to whatever is desired.

    I don't trust this unit to leave the gas and pilot on all the time, so I just turn it off and shut the supply off.

    Hope this helps

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