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SmallLadySmallLady Registered User regular
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It's that time of year again, when we all put our minds to community and gift giving.

Everyone who signs up will be randomly assigned another participant. You are then tasked to buy that person a gift. As a recipient, you will write a letter of things you like and do not like to The Great Cardboard Tube in the sky.

WTF Bobcats??


The theme this year, AS IT IS EVERY YEAR APPARENTLY, is to add a touch of weirdness[/] to everyone's lives..

(yes, the theme is exactly the same as last year, because IT WASN'T WEIRD ENOUGH LAST YEAR GUYS. DO BETTER)

Oh man remember that from last year guys? YOU FAILED AGAIN. MORE WEIRD.

Why are you starting sign ups so early?!? it's not even Halloween yet!
Starting sign ups early means giving everyone their assigned giftees early, which means everybody gets their gifts by the end of the year... because nobody is going to be late.. right guys?

Who can Sign up?
Anybody who has a forum account that was created on or before Aug 1st 2014 and has a minimum of 15 substantive posts. However, if you feel you should get special consideration outside of these rules, feel free to PM me. But the decision will be mine in the end.


•If you do not send a present. Your forum account will be banned.
- There is no exception for this. If you can’t afford to send somebody a present. Don’t sign up.
•Pairings will be Random. I’ll try to make sure people don’t get the same gifters/giftees as last year, but no promises.
•Recommended Gift Value is $20. Feel free to spend as much as you want, however, don’t be that jerk that sends somebody a $1 sheet of spider stickers........That's not cool
•This thread is FOR LETTERS TO TUBE AND PICTURES OF BOBCATS ONLY. (also acceptable is fan art of The Great Cardboard Tube in the sky)

•Screw your family, screw your friends, screw your significant other (not the good kind of screwing), and buy your gift for your Giftee FIRST, because you’re going to have to mail the fucking thing.
•Get your present to your Giftee BY Jan 1st. Anytime after that and you are risking not being invited back to the gift exchange and/or me sending Moe after you.
•If your gift is going to be arriving after Jan 1st. PM me. Your excuse better be AMAZING.
•Don’t tell me your gift got lost. Pay for tracking.

•When your present arrives, you MUST post on the forums letting everyone know what you got and how amazing it is and thank your Gifter. Failure to comply will result in not being invited back next year. (Note: This means when it arrives, not on xmas day)
•Pictures and thank you posts are MANDATORY.
•Open and post about your gift as soon as you receive it. Otherwise tracking you all gets far too difficult.

DEADLINE FOR SIGNING UP IS NOVEMBER 17th pairings will happen at some point on Nov 18th. Don't bug me, I'll be very tired from a red eye flight the night before.
*NOTE* I am human, and I can and do make mistakes. Once if post on the forums that the pairings email has gone out and your email contains a mistake or you didn't even get one, PM me on the forums right away!


Step 1: Write a letter to The Great Cardboard Tube in the sky, expressing all of your hopes and desires and things you really don't like.
If your letter sucks, or doesn't say much, your gift giver has my permission to get you a justin beiber toothbrush or a rubber poo.
Step 2: Clicky Here and fill out this form. DO NOT PM ME THIS INFORMATION.

That’s it! You’re signed up!! HOWEVER, if you fail at either of these two steps, I will not add you to the spreadsheet and I won’t go chasing people down.

Deadbeat Gifters
Ok, so this is totally unnecessary because none of you are going to be a deadbeat Gifter. However, If you would like to volunteer to be somebody who is willing to send a gift to somebody who got shafted, please PM me. If you sign up, you are 100% allowed to change your mind later and you don’t have to participate in the gift exchange to do it.



* I reserve the right to change the rules after I've posted them in case I've forgotten something important.

"we're just doing what smalllady told us to do" - @Heels
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  • Menolly07Menolly07 Registered User regular
    edited November 2014

    I love kitties and Doctor Who and Firefly and Star Trek: TNG is my favouritest ever. I do have an Amazon wishlist. I also love tea. Loose leaf and not fruity, black and green tea is my favourite. BPAL is fabulous, and I enjoy homemade presents.

    I'm a Cookie Brigadier so really geeky cookie cutters are great. Also, I love regional/international candy.

    Green and Purple are my favourite colours. I wear t-shirts that measure 22-23" across the front (this means it may be L, XL or whatever. Check measurements.). I can't wear earrings, but I like geeky jewelry. Especially necklaces.

    I collect fountain pens and LOVE ink samples.

    I have five cats, two bearded dragons, two veiled chameleons, two crested geckos and a cornsnake. I love animals.

    Thank you mighty tube!!

    Menolly07 on
    Still PAXing strong. [E] for lyfe. ELand forever.
  • RavengerRavenger Trolololo Registered User regular
    edited November 2014
    Once upon a time there was tube
    made out of cardboard and a pretty cool dude
    until I received a bobcat
    which then ate up my tomcat
    now I have an excess of cat food.

    I love lots of things; especially red wine! I like wii u games and 3ds games.
    I have two little dogs and love them a lot, and I'm sure they wouldn't mind a bobcat as a new playmate, as long as it is spayed! I don't want to have to do that myself.

    I have an amazon wishlist, if interested, and I love good music! (above and beyond, trivium, etc.)

    Tube, you are the tuberest of tubes!

    In Tube We Trust

    Amazon wishlist link:

    Ravenger on
    <@heels&gt; Ravenger: i do not talk to anyone
    <+Ravenger> you are talking to me
    <@heels&gt; oh god, what am i doing
  • SmallLadySmallLady Registered User regular
    edited October 2014
    List of People who have Successfully Signed up
    Updated: Oct 22nd


    If your name is not on the list, Please resubmit your information in the google form. I don't have it.

    SmallLady on
    "we're just doing what smalllady told us to do" - @Heels
  • RavengerRavenger Trolololo Registered User regular
    I'll never be good enough

    <@heels&gt; Ravenger: i do not talk to anyone
    <+Ravenger> you are talking to me
    <@heels&gt; oh god, what am i doing
  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    Gotta follow all the directions!

  • DashDDashD Dread Pirate Chef Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    Oh Great Cardboard Tube in the Sky!

    How can it be that another year has gone by? It seems like only yesterday day that.... Wait. I can't tell that story. Sorry.

    There are a number of things that interest me. Doctor Who, for one. The new Doctor is great but 7 and 9 are still my favorites. I am always looking for new sci-fi authors and series to read. Pick one, I'll give it a try.

    Unfortunately, I have filled my geek t-shirt quota for the next decade and do not require any more. Nerdy jewelry, however is always appreciated. Earrings and necklaces, please, as I cannot wear rings at work.

    I am also an avid consumer or looseleaf tea and foreign/local foodstuffs (i.e. not readily available in Seattle). I love to cook and bake and am always looking for new ingredients to try.

    Boardgames! I have several Munchkin sets and every CAH set one could possibly purchase, but Catan and Ticket to Ride would like some new friends to hang out with.

    Also, I have recently come into possession of a laserdisc player and regretfully only have Star Wars to watch.

    So, my dear Tube in the Sky, however you choose to bless me this year, I will be thankful of the gifts you have bestowed.

    May your bobcats be ever weird.

    "Brilliant! Oh wait, if we were meant to fly, we would have been born with little bags of nuts."
  • WickershamWickersham Registered User regular
    Dear Tube Straight and True, Father of all cylinders, so far from that which has corners, so nigh upon geometric perfection:

    I enjoy Legos. My favorite lines are The Lego Movie, Original Trilogy Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings, but I am not a picky man.

    I love to cook, and I love to read.

    My wife and I just purchased our first home, and we have a lot more wall space than we used to and no art to fill it, so something pretty to hang on the walls would be wonderful.

    I also love craft beer, so a bottle or two of something good from a microbrewery in another part of the country would be a real treat!

    Thanks in advance,

  • tvethiopiatvethiopia Salem MARegistered User regular
    edited November 2014
    Dearest Tube-thing,

    After an absence last year, I am incredibly delighted to once again participate in this wonderful gift-giving extravaganza. First of all, I LOVE homemade gifts, so if you are crafty feel free to show off your skills! If not, do not fear--I also have an Amazon wishlist here. I enjoy Doctor Who, Buffy, Firefly, ST:TNG & Voyager, Supernatural, Bob's Burgers, Community, and Parks & Rec (I LOVE LOVE LOVE Amy Poehler). T-shirts are awesome and should be about 20"-23" across the chest. I also love Dragon Age and Mass Effect (femShep forever, I have a paragon wing tattoo). I'm not into a LOT of anime, but I do like magical girl stuff like Sailor Moon and Madoka Magica. I am a feminist and a grad student studying literature. I like horror movies. I like kawaii, fairy kei, and lolita stuff, but if that doesn't mean anything to you don't worry about it. I have a wonderful beautiful black cat and I will basically automatically like anything with cats involved. Oh! I also work at a library so I love books of basically any kind, as well as cute things to put on my desk at work. My desk is currently home to Princess Daisy and Lwaxana Troi figurines and a River Song sonic screwdriver (I own 11's screwdriver as well, but that stays at home). Oh oh! I also really like tabletop games like Munchkin and Fluxx and Pandemic and stuff. I'd love to get a new tabletop game to try! As for other kinds of games, I own a DSlite, xbox360, and soon (finally) a PS4.

    This is a lot of random information, but basically I'm not that picky so feel free to be creative or just share something you like!

    NOTE - here are some tabletop games I already own:
    Star Fluxx
    Killer Bunnies (Blue)
    Settlers of Catan
    Love Letters
    Once Upon A Time
    Miskatonic School for Girls
    Zombie Dice
    probably other things... will check and update later

    tvethiopia on
    <3 Daintier. Smarter. Better dressed. <3
  • xenardxenard Registered User regular
    edited November 2014
    Dear Tubeage of the Cardboard variety,

    You don't know me but I've been stalking you for about 2 years now. Creepy right?

    Let me tell you about myself. I am a film school grad with a one year old dog named Chip, he is my big baby and an aggressive chewer.

    I like eating snacks, especially ones that may not be available to me here in DC. However I can't have anything with carrots, tropical fruits, bananas, melons, and chocolate because I don't really wish to die before the holidays. And that would really suck. White chocolate gets a thumbs up!

    TV wise, I am addicted to Bob's Burgers and always searching for cartoons/shows from the 90s on DVD. Pokemon cards are always welcomed to the party. The more Pokemon cards the better. I also have a strange addiction to dragons. Proud owner of the PS2 and PS3, the 4 will come at some point this year.

    I reworked my Amazon wishlist because the original was mixed with gifts I plan on giving

    I have a steam wishlist but don't really keep it up to date anymore.

    Anything geeky is fine no matter how odd it may seem.

    See Tube Dude, I'm pretty easy. So whatever you feel I deserve I humbly accept.

    Edit: Forgot to say this on the sign up form but if possible, please DO NOT send anything by way of USPS. I'm at war with them and won't receive it.

    xenard on
    3DS Friend Code: 2449-5711-0640
  • purevalpureval Somersworth, NH Registered User regular
    edited October 2014
    Dear object in the sky that once kept my TP in a cylindrical shape,
    How's it goin' tubey? Did you have a good Summer? How are the wife and the reindeer? I have made it through yet another year without injuring a single customer OR manager and demand my reward.

    I am one of those people who are into so many things that is difficult to decide what to get them. I am a huge Nintendo fan and own just about every system they have ever released (excepting the Virtual Boy that haunts my dreams). Zelda is my favorite series, but I love most of the big Nintendo franchises. My PS3 is currently dead and I have no idea when I will be able to get it working again, so avoid anything for that for now. I do not use Steam or PC game at all. I have a Kindle Fire HD and do some gaming on that, especially The Simpsons Tapped Out and Family Guy the Quest for Stuff.

    I am a huge fan of Magic The Gathering, so anything from that is highly appreciated. I am just getting into board gaming and do not have most of the "classiscs". I love Cards Against Humanity. I have everything available in the shop excluding the 5th expansion. I have all of the "oatmeal" cards from this year's PAX East, but none of the other PAX cards and would love those.

    Musically I enjoy Metallica, Weird Al, The Protomen, Paul and Storm, MC Frontalot, MC Lars, YTCracker, Broadway musicals.

    I am into The Simpsons, Super Heroes (Batman being a personal favorite), The Walking Dead, Star Wars, the '80s, Disney (Sword in the Stone is my favorite), raccoons, Guardians of the Galaxy, dragons, classic arcade games (Q*Bert), theme parks...

    I wear a XXXL shirt, but am really hoping to get back down again.

    My Amazon wishlist is located here and I am HUGE into the Pinny Arcade pins you can see my current collection/wants here . Any pins from Australia or (as anyone who listens to the podcast will know) the Leeroy Jenkins pin are huge on my list right now.

    As for dislikes. I am lactose intolerant so need to avoid that in any foodstuffs. Not a D&D player. Not into horror much outside of Walking Dead. I can not play any video game that is in first person. I do not consume alcohol, ever.

    Oh and I really, really want a puppy.

    pureval on
  • NowHiringHenchmenNowHiringHenchmen Registered User regular
    My Dearest Tube,

    It's me, NHH. We haven't met before, but I feel like we know each other so well already. The Winter has come, and the dog days of being in the trenches of Summer has ended. That means that I'm ever so closer to being reunited with you, my beloved.

    I am into so many things, that it's almost impossible to make me unhappy about a gift (don't try though, please). I am an avid gamer; console, PC, handheld. You name it, and I most likely play it. I do have a fondness for Nintendo, however, and most of Sony's exclusives. I am also a HUGE comic book fan, and my list of things that I read is so long that I can't even truly remember it half the time. I'm also a big fan of D&D, though I haven't played it in a long while.

    As pureval above me, I am a huge fan of Pinny Arcade, and really any sort of trinkets in general. Pins, Action Figures, vinyls (both music and toys) are all super awesome, and any/all are welcomed. I'm a big TV fan, the normal Walking Dead, Breaking Bad type of shows.

    The only things I'm not a fan of that I can think off the top of my head is that I don't drink, and I'm not a huge card game fan.

  • SmallLadySmallLady Registered User regular
    Guys, You're killing me.

    AMERICANS, you are not the only country in the world. Don't assume that your santa knows that you live in the US.

    Please follow the directions and include your country in your address.

    "we're just doing what smalllady told us to do" - @Heels
  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    SmallLady wrote: »
    Guys, You're killing me.

    AMERICANS, you are not the only country in the world. Don't assume that your santa knows that you live in the US.

    Please follow the directions and include your country in your address.
    Yeah this is spectacularly annoying, and tons of people do it when they submit to the pax maps too ;) I ask for country and province to verify that their lat/long is at least reasonable and I always get: "Nebraska"... which, yes, I know that's in the USA, but is it that hard to just follow the directions? ;)

  • BirrhanBirrhan Registered User regular
    A Crappy Poem to The Great Cardboard Tube in the Sky

    (It's really bad. I mean it. You've been warned!)

    Oh great cardboard tube in the sky

    All that's left from wrapping presents in years gone by,

    Who made great telescopes and lightsabers

    (When you had given up the last of your wrapping paper)

    Who last we saw, spent and broke,

    Buried neath a sea of tissue, ribbons, and bows,

    And now joins our childhoods in musty posterity.

    Please, bring something back from wherever time flies

    To remind me of those halcyon days of simpler toys:

    The hours lost helping that plucky little "Link" boy,

    The unforgiving challenges set by that Dr. Wily guy,

    Or the glee of first taking flight on an airship, way up high.

    Remind me of happy days, long past (or, barring that)

    Perhaps a little Syrah to fill an empty glass

    And help a grown man get sappy in nostalgic reverie

    Over a smattering of of happy 8-bit memories.

    Kiss Me GoodBye
  • Manic2kManic2k Brotherhood of the Squirrel [AUS]Registered User regular
    edited December 2014

    Sup :P

    Here's a little about me and what I am into.

    I love comics and games like most and recently I have gotten back into magic the gathering pretty hardcore since starting to play at uni~!
    I am doing an IT degree majoring in SDA(Software Development and Application) :)
    I like shirts related to the things stated above my size is XL, I also like things that I can put on my desk or display, little knick knacks etc.
    I LOVE my coffee and I collect mugs and also hoodies~!
    I also love board games but have only a small collection of board games... D:
    We just got CAH (Cards against humanity) in Australia and I have fallen in love! I only got the starter pack... I want more but I don't think I will be able to get more until after xmas :p so I don't have anything else (if you have old
    pax cards carboard tube samurai that would be awesome xD)
    (EDIT: oh no, I just got the first expansion , second expansion and third for xmas!)
    Also you should make me a mix tape/cd/usb...just cause I am pretty open when it comes to my musical taste :p

    anyway thanks for reading this oh grand tube overlord.

    Manic2k on
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    Community Pinny Arcade Trading web site:
    Pinny Arcade - Pin Pals twitter: @PA_PinPals
  • APacManAPacMan Philadelphia, PARegistered User regular
    edited November 2014
    Oh Cardboard Tube in the Sky, let me tell you my reasons why
    I write this cheap poem to you now, for Sekkrit Bobcats march again. "Meow!"

    Travel swift and far our gifts soon will, patience we must have until
    at distant thresholds they're gratefully received for good... or ill.

    Nothing for me do I request, but instead for my lady-friend with whom I am blessed.
    Firefly, LotR, and Star Wars she does adore, her heart I must win and so can I be her precious evermore.
    Set thee upon this mighty quest, to seek out geek-couple gifts (just not clothes) you should at my behest.

    In this endeavor the true weight of responsibility lays with me. So I shall cut, move, and dress the tree.
    At last your gift, the star on top, shall be for us. Whimsical or serious, your choice it can either be thus.
    In return to others such gifts of will I send, for one can find that the hearts of all PAXers therein games a new friend.

    Thank you, Cardboard Tube in the Sky.

    11/14 Edit - Need to back out of this. Already a part of other gift exchanges, and that holiday shopping list is looking a bit over-full.

    APacMan on
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    Twitter: @APacManSays
  • draklandraklan Chocobo in time the Frosty North... mmm FrostingRegistered User regular
    edited November 2014
    Yo Great Toob Thingy

    What's good? Anyway I realise it's been another year and it's again time to praise you and explain my most earnest of desires... or was that desire you and explain my praise? man I get so confused about this stuff.

    So basically I've been the best Me I can be. I get into mischief regularly I try to maintain Balance by participating in fundraising for Charities ( This year I ran for the United Way and Rode for Juvenile Diabetes Research) I'm never sure if the good I do balances the mischief... ah well at least I try.

    So I like board games and dice games but my gaming group usually likes the quicker more simple games(Note: I will add a list of game I own here shortly ta da
    ). I like all things Final Fantasy and have a fairly large fondness for Doctor who. I wear a Size XL Mens shirt and have 2 cats basically I like neat weird stuff (yes both cats fall easily into this category). Also I like alot of the neat/weird stuff found on ThinkGeek but being from the Frosty North I never order from them as shipping can be a drag. Oh and I would be silly to not mention that I LOVE Pinny Arcade Pins.

    draklan on
  • cookiekrushcookiekrush Registered User regular
    edited November 2014
    Dear Great Cardboard Tube,

    I love all things baking related - the geeker the cut outs, the better! Maybe this time I'll have time to bake for the cookies for Pax East.

    Any board games - I actually own no board games. Huge fan of Catan, CAH, BANG!, etc. (Anyone heard of Henchman?)

    Huge fan of anything Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts/Sailor Moon related.

    Anything dog related, I love my little doxiepoo.

    Anything on my steam wishlist! I also have an amazon wish list, just need to figure out how to add it properly.

    P.S. - I love swag.

    Thanks awesome Tube in the Sky!

    cookiekrush on
    Pinny Pals - open to trading!
    Looking for Edith Finch Pin!
  • NowHiringHenchmenNowHiringHenchmen Registered User regular
    SmallLady wrote: »
    Guys, You're killing me.

    AMERICANS, you are not the only country in the world. Don't assume that your santa knows that you live in the US.

    Please follow the directions and include your country in your address.

    I actually knew I forgot to put my country in once I hit submit. :( Don't hate me. It's US.

  • soozerellasoozerella Registered User regular
    edited November 2014
    O Great and Wise Tube,

    I like so many things! Let's see here...

    I'm a big comics fan—Marvel, to be specific. Iron Man and/or Black Widow, to be even more specific, but anything even remotely Avengers (or GotG)-related has a definite place in my heart.

    I also like games a lot: 3DS games are what I'm playing most right now (though, I don't have very 3DS-specific games yet... I've heard Pokemon is good? :) ). I LOOOOVE Phoenix Wright so very, very much. Oh, and I've been playing WoW off and on for what feels like 100 years now. And board games! One can never have enough board games, right? I like co-op board games especially, because they reduce the amount of competitive/cranky I get at my friends, ahem.

    Legos! I love Legos (Lego??)! I put together my first Lego set since I was a kid the other day, and now I'm dying to do more.

    Geeky accessories are awesome, too: jewelry, bags, makeup... anything cute & geeky-themed.

    Anything Penny Arcade!

    Funny movies! Hockey!

    Cats! Unicorns! Chocolate!

    Good books!

    This is just deteriorating into exclamation points now!


    (I also love exclamation points, and just punctuation in general. For real.)

    Seriously though, I'm pretty easy to please: I just don't care much for zombies/horror or Doctor Who, and that's about it.

    Thank you for your time, o kind and generous sky tube!

    (Oh, and I'm @suzannf on twitter, since I think I'm supposed to include that.)

    Editing to add a link to my amazon list, in case this spectacularly random collection of stuff is at all helpful:

    soozerella on
    PAX Prime attendee: '08, '09, '10, '11, '12, '13, '14, '15, and soon to be '16
  • PayneTraynePayneTrayne Canuck Registered User regular
    edited November 2014
    O Great Skytube and nefarious Bobcat hear me speak!

    I am a collector of board games! My collection is small, but I am looking to grow it. Games that I have and enjoy include King of Tokyo, Legend of Drizzt and Zombies! Keep Out.
    I have just gotten into Magic: The Gathering! I love playing with my Commander decks Eternal Bargain and Thought Seize!
    I am a fan of anything Penny Arcade, Strip Search or LoadingReadyRun!
    If it comes up, my shirt size is large.

    PayneTrayne on
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  • kropotkinkropotkin Forum Badge Creator London UKRegistered User regular
    edited October 2014
    Oh vast and magnificent sky-bound Tube that is made out of Cardboard, hear my plea.

    I seek many things that one would equate to 'nerds' desiring a great deal. Similar to last year's request (sorry @SmallLady ) I do desire images that are inspired by video games of some sort. A good example would be the output of this artist:

    Jane Meadows

    It's the subtlety of her work I love :biggrin:

    Alternatively may I suggest some classic literature? I've been ploughing through my Kindle with some weighty tomes, but I would also like actual print copies of these books. Dickens, Vonnegut, Steinbeck would all fit the bill. I know; not very nerdy, but there's nothing wrong with broadening ones consumption of media outside the typical forays into high fantasy and sci-fi.

    I think that's all I desire oh mighty Tube that gazes down upon us like a long, cylindrical shaped thing that's made out of a wood-pulp like substance.

    My twitter handle is @chrisoregan

    kropotkin on

  • HappendyHappendy Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    Dear Cardboard Tube Samurai in the sky

    ....Wait, are we all talking to a cardb-.... Yeah?... Oh, okay...

    So Um... Mister...

    I have a Pinny addiction, and if you could help me curb that... By giving me more Pinnys.. I would be forever grateful!
    I also like League of Legends merch. Clothing would be awesome, stuffed poros are totes adorbs. Posters are awesome!
    I also like tabletop games, especially those that have a deception element added. Currently I own Coup, Reformation, Resistance+Expansions, BSG, Betrayal at house on the hill, love letter. I'm missing Werewolf unfortunately. I have other games too, like all of the pandemic versions, Dixit, Smash up, Elder Sign, Munchkins, Chrononauts, Forbidden Island, and love letter.
    Any PA TShirt would be really darn awesome. And I also really like Nerf guns. I have a revolver blaster, but am in need of something two handed for playing Humans vs Zombies on campus!

    My TShirt size is Medium/Large.
    This is my PinnyPal
    Here is a picture of a Bobcat

    Thanks again Mister!... Or Miss!...
    PS: Totally not a bobcat. Sorry am not.
    PS: Not at 15 posts yet. Will be at 15 posts before month ends. Because Pinnys

  • Kiss Me GoodByeKiss Me GoodBye Registered User regular
    edited November 2014
    Dear oh magical conch of cardboard tubes,

    I know I haven't been as active here as I should though the magical gift giving that brings light in the sad world that we live brings me hope and joy.

    As much as I love giving, it's always nice to receive. I'm a pretty simple person who loves computer gadgets and such. I feel like I'm a pretty all around nerd. Sci-fi, tabletop, I just got into DnD, MES larping, video games, etc. I'm pretty simple for the PAX genre haha.

    I've currently been obsessed with Supernatural. That only took me 9-10 years to get into. Castiel/Misha Collins is my current future husband.

    I love Disney, My Little Pony, Bravest Warriors, Downton Abbey, things that are Squid/Squidward related, Harry Potter, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Pokemon, my 3DS, Phoenix Wright, Kingdom Hearts, Mass Effect, Dragon age, I'm like the only person who wants an Xbox One, I love wine, cheese, cider, cactus's, etc.

    I'm also ridiculously obsessed with the podcasts Welcome to Nightvale, The Thrilling Adventure Hour, and Startalk Radio. Mostly Nightvale.

    Here's my amazon wishlist of random for reference:
    I notice that a majority of it is Funko figures. I've come to love the Funko figures.

    So I realized that I had too many random things on my wishlist and decided to edit it down and make organized wishlists. So to the left there's organized wishlists to make things easier haha.

    If you want to surprise me with other awesome things, feel free!! You don't need to follow my weird wishlist!!

    In all, I'll be happy with anything. Tis the season to be giving! <3 Love ya'll! <3

    Nikki / Squid

    Note: I have money this year! YAY NEW JOB!

    I don't use my twitter besides for PAX things but here's my twitter: @sexi_squidward
    You can similarly find me in the PAX IRC as Squid or on facebook by searching sexi_squidward

    Kiss Me GoodBye on
    PAX EAST 2011 * 2012 * 2013 *2014 *2015 *2016 | PAX PRIME 2013| PAX UNPLUGGED 2017
  • zeromystzeromyst wat Registered User regular
    Dear awesome cylindrical tube that floats ominously above me,

    It is that time of year again where year when I beg of you to rain down glorious gift upon me.

    I will keep it simple like I always have every year.I love Funko Pop!Vinyl figurines. My current roster is Dr. Doom, Ezio, Michonne, Deadpool and Donatello. I would love any Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel or DC figurines. Hero or villain, doesn't matter. I will be eternally grateful.

    If figurines are not in your bag of awesomeness this year then how about a gift card? Steam, PSN or Xbox Live gift cards can all be accepted. I will be very satisfied in which ever service you choose.

    Anyway I must now bid adieu and don my Halloween costume! Oh? What's that you ask? Who am I going as? Well, you of course! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery right?

    *finds a giant cardboard tube, cuts out two holes for arms and puts it on*

  • zeromystzeromyst wat Registered User regular
    Ack! I forgot to include my country in the signup form. SmallLady I do apologize. I was leaving work while I was filling it out and quickly glanced over the directions.

    The country I currently reside in is the United States of America.

  • KirindalKirindal Registered User regular
    To: Ms. C. Tube, Sky Division
    Re: SEKRIT BOBCAT Initiative

    I've been informed that once again this initiative is to be implemented again. In your infinite and bounteous generosity, I ask that you consider continuing the additional funding that this department has received this year for special projects. We are most hopeful that the chicken-enlarging ray will bear fruit come this following fiscal year. In addition to departmental funding, I was hoping to ask if you wouldn't find it within your own heart to grant me a personal portion as well. In working for the greater glory of the company I have sadly neglected myself this past year.

    As always I have a deep abiding for gaming in all of its varied glory. I've been getting more into board games this year (not on business hours of course), but my collection is still small (I can count it on one hand.) and I welcome any sort of games. Also a big RPG fan, you name the setting/system I'm probably already digging it although most of my collection is about ten years out of date at this point.

    I have a Vita and a PS3, don't have too many games on either. (I can count my total collection for both on two hands). So if you're inclined that way, I could always use recommendations in that direction.

    Of course it goes without saying that I adore books unconditionally. Whether they be just prose, cooking, or even comic books. Science-fiction, fantasy, whatnot it's all gold in my eyes and hands. As long as it's good reading, I'll consume it or if it's an cookbook start whipping up the recipes.

    Aside from that what else can be said? I'm not as equipped to deal with digital products as I would like; so physical copies would always be best. I trust and defer to your wisdom in these matters and I hope you'll be pleased with the activation of the anti-UFO missile array come this December.

    Yours in good faith,

    P.S. If you have any additional follow-up questions that need answering, you can find me via proxy.

  • rileyperrileyper Registered User regular
    Dear Cardboard Tubing

    Another great year of PAX, Can't wait for PAX South, and anticipating on getting my tickets for PAX East.
    I love swag from gaming events whether it be pax e3 or even local comic/anime cons (pins buttons capes scarfs apparel(3XL) hats swag bags)
    I love computer gizmos mice keyboards or even usb crap
    I love Penny Arcade
    Did I mention i love swag
    Also a huge fan of board games, already have CAH, king of tokyo, smashup (no expansions tho).
    I am a fan of Lootcrate and love getting themed random geek boxes.

    Thanks in advance.


    Pax Prime 2014 checklist: Accommodations[x] Travel [x] Time Off [x] BYOC [not attending :(]
    Pax South 2015 checklist: Accommodations[x] Travel [x] Time Off [ ] BYOC [x]
    Pax East 2015 checklist: Accommodations[ ] Travel [ ] Time Off [ ] BYOC [ ]
  • ClannMorganClannMorgan Registered User regular
    edited November 2014
    Dear Great Cardboard Tube in the sky,

    I hope this letter finds you well. I have to say, I’m really looking forward to this years holiday season. I mean, not to pat myself on the back but I have been especially good this year. I’ve helped little old ladies cross the street, I’ve saved several kittens from imminent doom, and I’ve even been really nice to that annoying co-worker, you know the one…yeah her, I just want to sock her in the face. Oh, wait sorry about that…back to my good deeds, ah never mind you’ve been paying attention haven’t you, not trying to tell you how to do your job and all but you must already know how great I am. So now that we have gotten that out of the way, and you know you have to pony up a little extra because I’ve been soooooooo good, let’s get to the ‘things that I like”:

    1. Chickens. Yes, chickens. I like to look at them, they crack me up! All I want on Tube Day is my own chicken…I’m still working on my grass roots campaign to petition my condo board. So far they haven’t seen it my way, so a chicken on a t-shirt will have to do or any other chicken type of accessories.

    2. This is not really a request for me it’s for a guy I know. His name is Snake Eyes and he’s looking for a date. I told him to try Match or EHarmony, but he’s old fashioned, from the 80’s, and really just wants a friend to set him up. Think you can help? He likes the bad girls, you know like Princess of Power ‘Double Trouble’…he’s had his eyes on her for a long time, but at this point any of the ladies from PoP will do.

    3. I’m also a HUGE fan of the movie Oblivion…so any swag from there, like the art book they had out a few years back…its not really a book book but I really like the art from it. I already have the dvd and sound track, so any art would be awesome.

    4. Alcohol and chocolate, but not chocolate flavored alcohol. Nothing like coming home after a hard weeks work to a really nice martini or an ice cold beer! My favorite thing is a beer variety pack, just love them. Just not the everyday pack, I'm from Boston (in the USA) so getting beers from a different region of the world would be a nice treat.

    5. And last, but definitely not least...I love, love, love dancing games! I have 360 and One kinects, so I would really like to add some dancing games to my collection, I already have Dance Central 3 and basically anything to add to my beer gut busting arsenal would be appreciated.

    Now…on to the things that I don’t like:

    1. Nicknacks. Not now, not ever.

    2. Non-useful items. I like to have an item serve some purpose and not just have it to have it.

    T-shirts I can wear, books I can read, art I can appreciate, and hooking my friends up…priceless! I'm really not hard to please. So be creative, think out side of the box!

    Thanks for reading my letter, I hope you have a happy Tube Day!


    ClannMorgan on
  • BombClancyBombClancy Sugar Lady Registered User regular
    To: Great Cardboard Tube
    From: Rebecca Boom
    Date: November 4th, 2014

    Dearest Tube, My name is Boom, Rebecca Boom . How have you been this year? I know you must be very busy during this holiday season. Please say WHAT UP to your elves and Mrs. Claus. I hope your reindeer are ready to get sexy around the world. Please tell them there will be fresh lingerie waiting for them and of course there will be poutine and sweet tea for you at my house. However, this year please try to be quiet when you deliver my presents because it is very important that I get a full 4 hours of sleep. I have been very chaotic this year and did not cause any permanent damage to my husband …yet. I only want 101 things for Christmas so this should be an easy year for you. My first wish is for a kitties that will protect me from Christmas burglars and take me to work because let’s face it, gas is too expensive. I also love Sail boats These are the best inventions in the world and I want 101 of them. I would also like Zachary Quinto to show up at my door on Christmas morning and serenade me with I’m a Slave for You. Finally, I think that you should bring nautical stuff to the world. I understand these things are hard to come by, but I have faith in you and your pants. If all of these things are too hard to get please make things easier on you and simply send dark chocolates. The only thing I don’t want for Christmas is a bullshit tchotchke. I am putting my heart in you tube. Thanks for helping make this the best holiday ever.

    Hugs and Struggles,

    Rebecca Boom

    Love: Home decorations that are nautical, I especially love wood sailboats of any size. Shells, rope knots, sand, candles and maps are cool too. I also love puzzle games. Mind benders, or table top things like cubes you put together. Star wars is always a safe bet, specifically R2D2, Death Star and Boba Fett. Also chocolate, chocolate is always safe.
    Loathe: Anything with gluten…FPS stuff.

    what do you call a pile of kittens? A meoooowntain!
  • Squire_PugSquire_Pug Melbourne, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    Oh cardboard tube,

    For I am much nerdy and desirous of items that allow me to enjoy my particular interests.

    For they are:
    Post-apocalyptic anything
    Lego (for it shall survive the apocalypse)
    Anything Sci-fi (for one needs hope in the face of the apocalypse)

    And turtles.

    May you bless the upcoming struggle.


  • punziepunzie Cookie Pimp Registered User regular
    edited November 2014
    Dear Cardboard Tube,
    Who cares if I've been good or bad, either way I want to exchange some gifts!
    I love all things Zelda and Batman. I am an avid knitter and cookie brigadier. I wouldn't mind some art for my boring white walls. I just got 2 lovely cats who I adore and they don't have enough toys for me to trip over. Hand-crafted items are always appreciated! My main gaming these days is either tabletop stuff or DS/3DS. I do have an Amazon wishlist.
    I don't like stuff that just takes up room without other purpose. In fact, I have been getting rid of lots of my physical goods. (Books? I'll go to the library! DVD's? I can stream most of that stuff! Games? They're going digital too! Clothes? Well, ok, I still have to wear clothes...)
    Edit: I can be twitter stalked at @sewingpunzie

    punzie on
  • BombClancyBombClancy Sugar Lady Registered User regular
    Is there going to be another update of who was successful in signing up?

    what do you call a pile of kittens? A meoooowntain!
  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    SmallLady is on vacation in Hawaii right now so I assume she will update when she gets home :)

  • eilonwyeilonwy Registered User regular
    Dearest Cardboard Tube,

    How are you? It's been.... never. Let's remedy that right away, shall we? I want to send people fun gifties and maybe get some too. I've been bad sometimes, but not too bad. Maybe bad enough to keep things lively and get some nifty gifties?

    Since we're new to each other I suppose you should know some things about me. Well, I'm a lady. And I love games, books, movies, long walks on the beach.....

    Just kidding.

    I don't love the beach.

    Who could tolerate all that sand?


    Where was I?

    Right! About me! I love to sew and make things, often constructing subtle tributes to my favorite games. Board games are my jam for the most part, but I am also the proud companion of an old PS2, Xbox 360, and a 3DS. Recently I've gotten a little more into PC gaming, but my Sadtop can't handle as much as I would like to run on it. You should also know that I love Pokemon. The games, the cards, the toys, the costumes.... I can't get enough! Most days I get out of work and jump right into my Pikachu kigu. Have you ever worn naptime? That's what it feels like.

    If I could ask for anything I think it would be pokemon, board games, video games, art, or books. Do you have a great book that you think I should read? That would be a really lovely gift. I particularly appreciate when there's a sweet note to read when you open the book. Yeah, I'm all over that. My walls are also sadly bare at the moment since I just moved. I'll hint at you that they need some color and see where that goes.

    I should also have you know that it's coooooold where I live and I don't like it one bit! Warm me up? Heart, soul, or body. That's all I ask. (For clothes I generally fit a size small. If sizes are weird Medium works too.) (I drink a lot of tea, so that also counts.) (I'm done using parentheses now.) (For real this time, I promise!.)

    I guess that's enough to be getting on with. Until next time, fair Cardboard Tube. I hope this note reaches you safely.


    P.S. How did I not mention Star Wars??? I love everything Stormtrooper. My car even kind of looks like a Stormtrooper. Seemed important to tell you.

  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    @eilonwy unless you have some special permission from @SmallLady‌ your account is far too new to participate.

  • eilonwyeilonwy Registered User regular
    edited November 2014
    @zerzhul I know. I sent her a PM and have my fingers crossed. If not then I will learn my lesson that only being a lurker is bad. I figured I'd make a post just in case.

    Thanks for the heads up though :)

    eilonwy on
  • kkingskkings Registered User new member
    I'm still playing Lara Croft on my old gameboy

  • bubblegumnexbubblegumnex Registered User regular
    edited November 2014
    Dear Cardboard Tube Santa:

    You're rad and fully of jollyness!

    Alright, let's cut to the chase. I've been fairly good this year and have been getting in geekiside. The gateway for that has been comic books and my old-flame Spider-man. Since space is at a premium, I've been using the comixology app to satisfy my comics need (I can thank that rapscallion @zerzhul for that) as such, a gift card to such a wonderful shop would be quit lovely and I'd use every cent to maximum satisfaction. If the Cardboard Santa was feeling really generous, a android tablet of sorts (such as a Nexus 7) would be super rad and would save on physical space!

    Simple, and straight to the point!

    Merry Christmas you bugger!

    bubblegumnex on
    <@zerzhul&gt; bubblegumnex: you were so very fucked up
    <@zerzhul&gt; you win at twdt
  • BombClancyBombClancy Sugar Lady Registered User regular
    Will we get an updated list before tomorrow?
    I was hoping to see an update to make sure I am included. I will be offline 99% of tomorrow and won't see it until later on, close to midnight.

    what do you call a pile of kittens? A meoooowntain!
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