Looking for some help acquiring a camera MOSTLY for video

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Hey Peeps!

So long story short I'm a YouTuber in need of an upgrade. I'm using a 6 year old point and shoot camera and while it does video the quality of my videos is suffering thus I need an upgrade.

My budget is $1000 or less. I'd ideally like to get a DSLR as I'd love to learn a ton about photography to both improve my videos and also general photo taking. I've been doing research and it just gets super confusing fast. I've been looking at the Canon Rebel T5I and the Nikon 5300 but am open to other suggestions. I've also seen a lot of discussion about investing the most in quality lenses. I'm Canadian so keep in mind that things tend to be a smidge more pricy up here but I'd probably be looking to get from amazon.


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    Most consumer DSLR starter kits come with the same kit lenses across the brand. For instance, almost all Canon kits come with either the EF-S 18-200 or the 18-55 & the 55-250 EF-S lenses. I'd suggest you get the best body you can afford and get a bunch of practice with the kit lenses before you spend big dollars on upgrade lenses. My partner has a D60 and it does really great video with the kit 18-55 lens.

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    Both are fine cameras for stills and video

    one word of warning though DSLR bodies are still very much designed for still shooting. They can be unstable if handheld when shooting video. Invest in a decent tripod you'll be happy. If you're going to be walking around with it a lot they make shoulder braces that can stabilize it bit too.

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    If you want an actual interchangeable lens camera for video, don't get a Nikon.
    Nikon just doesn't do video very well.
    That said, you ain't gonna get away with sub-$1000 for a good DSLR or mirrorless setup with a good lens.
    Under $1000, you'll have to bite the bullet, get the camera first, and deal with the kit zoom lens.

    If you want don't need an interchangeable lens, and already know how to sync up external audio in post production, I'd steer you towards a Sony RX100 MKIII or Panasonic LX100.

    Here's the Camera Store guys reviewing the RX100 MKIII, comparing it to a new Canon offering that just doesn't hit the mark... which unfortunately seems to be common theme for Canon these last few years.

    Here's the same Camera Store guys reviewing the Panasonic LX100, which can shoot 4k video.

    And truth be told, I'd steer you towards a Panasonic or Sony for video, even if you went with an interchangeable lens, as both of their mirrorless camera offerings excel at video, much more so than the competitors.

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