somethings wrong with this thread

something's wrong with the dayz thread in social entropy

it gives a malware warning (confirmed by multiple people). it's not doing this for any other thread that I've checked. I'm assuming that maybe some one posted a link or something that contains malware by accident, but I really dunno as there's only been one new post before it started happening.

I'm not entirely sure if this was the right section to post this under or not.


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    SmasherSmasher Starting to get dizzy Registered User regular
    It's from the domain hosting the image @Platypus Beirut has in their sig. Given that the domain is "directupload.net" I imagine the image is fine and the warning comes from something else that somebody uploaded to the site, but it probably wouldn't hurt to rehost the image.

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    Ash of YewAsh of Yew Registered User regular
    Ooh thanks.

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    PlatyPlaty Registered User regular
    Huh, rehosted my signature. Sorry guys!

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