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Way to Stop Receiving Notifications From a Single Thread?

MidnightJesterMidnightJester Jester ExtraordinaireLos AngelesRegistered User regular
I posted in a thread that has way more activity in it than I'd care to keep up with and have pop-up notifications set for new posts in threads in which I've participated. I wanted to know if there's anyway to mark a specific thread as one that I'd no longer care to get notifications from, as these are drowning out ones from threads that I'm more interested in.


(I did a quick search to see if this has been asked before, certainly hoping it hasn't been. Sorry if it has.)



  • knitdanknitdan In ur base Killin ur guysRegistered User regular
    Check the upper right corner of the top post for a flag. If the thread is flagged just unflag it by clicking.

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  • MidnightJesterMidnightJester Jester Extraordinaire Los AngelesRegistered User regular
    I don't have it bookmarked, if that's what you mean. These are notifications because it's a thread I posted in, though that was easily hundreds and hundreds of posts ago.

  • TubeTube Registered User admin
    if that's the way you have your notifications set up, you can't remove it from just one thread.

  • kimekime Queen of Blades Registered User regular
    Yeah, so to be clear, if you go to your profile, you'll see "Notification Settings". You can change what will give you the popup. A lot of people just bookmark the threads they want to receive updates in, and you can set it so that only bookmarked threads will give updates. That gives you more control over what specifically pops up. ID: kime#1822
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  • MidnightJesterMidnightJester Jester Extraordinaire Los AngelesRegistered User regular
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