TV image remains when parts of the screen turn to black

I have a couple years old Sony Bravia that works pretty well but when I'm playing a game or watching a movie I have some image trailing issues I guess?
I looked online but couldn't find the right search terms for it I suppose since it doesn't fit image retention 100% imo.
What happens is when I have a relatively bright image in a movie or game and there's a quick shift to a darker or black image I can still see the shapes of the former color image in the black areas of the screen.
What is that called?


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    Oh yeah forgot to mention it's a LCD TV.
    I've looked up ghosting and it doesn't seem to fit what is happening or maybe it is? The definitions for this problem seems to change slightly from site to site.
    The simpler way to explain it is when I plug my computer and use a black background I can see the past silhouette of the white mouse pointer when I move it around in black areas. Seems like my pixels can't adjust back from white to complete black. When I display a white background I don't see any odd shadows or anything weird on the screen.
    I've read that I should turn the TV off for a few days or put a white background overnight.. can't really find a clear answer or solution.

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    Can you record a video of this happening?

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    Here's a pretty shitty video but it shows the issue. At the start you see a bunch of white vertical lines on screen, those are from me moving the window around. You can't see it too well but when I move the windows around in the same area I get new lines forming a new pattern while those that were there before no longer remain.
    I was told to leave the TV on with a full screen white image overnight while reducing the backlight to fix ghosting but it didn't work.

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    Random question. Have you tried a video source other than your computer? Just want to make sure it's the tv and not something like your video card.

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    The same thing does happen with other video sources.

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