DLC Kickstarter Pin available during Desert Bus for Hope

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I donated my DLC Pin to Desert Bus for Hope this year. Here is a direct link to the prize page for it :


It's still in its original packaging, and in excellent condition. Hopefully it will go to a good home!

EDIT : Timeframe is now narrowed down to 10:00AM PST, Nov 19th - 10:00PM PST, Nov 19th.

EDIT2 : Pin is being given away via a donation drive between 5:00PM and 7:00PM PST Nov 19th. All donations of $10.10 during that time will count as one entry in the drawing at the end.

EDIT3 : Giveaway is over. Desert bus username Tahosa won. Donation drive raised $3545.10 for Child's Play!

I do not know exactly how they'll be determining the winner of the pin, as it's listed in the giveaways section of their prizes, so it probably won't be a direct auction. In past years I've seen giveaway items given out in raffle style donation drives where you donate a certain dollar amount per entry into a raffle at the end. They also sometimes instead set up contests or other ways to get an item. It's up to the drivers / prize people for the shift, I think.

All of that is up to the wonderful Desert Bus folks to figure out. :) I just wanted to let you guys know that there will be one available. I'll try and update this post with more information if/when I find out more, but the link above will probably be updated before this post is.

Also, for folks who aren't sure what Desert Bus is, it's essentially a week-ish (depending upon the donations they get) marathon to benefit Child's Play. Here's a link to their about page where they do a better job than I ever could explaining it : http://desertbus.org/about/

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