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Rainslick Episode 1 License Key issues

mordaki987mordaki987 Registered User new member
Hey yall I bought from direct2drive several years ago Rainslick episode 1 and just recenetly redownloaded the game off of direct2drive and when entering my product key for the game I am getting an error message stating that there is a problem with my license key. I'm wondering if anyone there at penny arcade games my be able to help me resolve this issue. I sent a support request through hothead games but I am clueless as to other support options I have so that I can unlock the full game. thanks for any help that anyone might be able to provide.


  • StericaSterica Yes Registered User, Moderator mod
    Hothead stopped working on the games after Episode 2, and that means they've long stopped supporting the games, so I dunno if there's much you can do besides shoot PA an email or tweet and see what they can do.

  • TubeTube Registered User admin
    He should already have the information he needs (via PM) to get in touch with the right folks.

  • GerelosGerelos Registered User new member
    edited February 2015
    Hey, not to resurrect an old thread, but I found my way here while searching for answers. I bought and played OtRSPoD episodes 1 and 2 back in 2008, and recently decided to re-install and replay them. I bought them I think through PlayGreenhouse, as I still have an email from them mentioning OtRSPoD. However, I don't seem to have the game keys anymore. Is there any way to recover my game keys, or do I need to repurchase the games on Steam? Thanks!

    Gerelos on
  • GerelosGerelos Registered User new member
    edited February 2015
    Hope someone sees this in here. =]

    Gerelos on
  • GerelosGerelos Registered User new member

  • StericaSterica Yes Registered User, Moderator mod
    Greenhouse doesn't exist anymore, so you might have to rebuy them.

    I'll see if i can't find something a bit more substantial than that.

  • GerelosGerelos Registered User new member
    Cool, thanks for the response Bobkins!

  • PleochismPleochism Registered User new member
    I'm experiencing the same issue as mordaki, with an existing key that no longer works. What's the solution?

  • TubeTube Registered User admin
    Check your PMs!

  • CuriostyCosbyCuriostyCosby Registered User regular
    Popping in with the same problem. Bought eps 1&2 when they first came out and having upgraded my computer situation since then, i've lost the keys. Scoured my emails and just can't find them. Anything I can do without needing to repurchase the games? I don't want to use a shady crack if I don't have to

  • lordebonlordebon Registered User new member
    Any chance I could get some information on reacquiring episode 1/2 as well (e.g., steam version)? I still have the original keys from Greenhouse from back in '08 but nowhere to use them and I've got a hankering to play them again.


  • willmaltbywillmaltby Registered User new member
    edited February 2018

    Just signed up to say having the same problem. Bought these games years ago and now cannot activate as Hotheadgames apparently no longer exist!


    Hothead Games Player Support
    February 04, 2018, 21:20 +0000

    Unfortunately, we do not offer support for that game, as it is not a Hothead Game.

    We apologize for the confusion.

    All the best,
    Hothead Games

    So...please pm me the fix I guess? :?


    - Will

    willmaltby on
  • Chris_HChris_H Registered User new member
    OK, this is a long shot as the last post was years ago, buuut, I just had an itch to play episode one and two again and ran into the same problem as all of you. Despite them selling copies on steam as we speak Hothead gave me the same reply you all got, so does anyone here still know the workaround so I can get the games working please?


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